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    When the fun stops

    So I was just tootling along and going about my way, when I turned left and then I knew, I made a mistake. suddenly, no drive, no brumbrum, no vtec and definitely no fun, I pull the car over only to wait with those deafening hazards on. Those hazards nearly drove me insane. But 4 hours later...
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    So this happened
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    wtb. various items

    I'll have a skunk2 kevlar whale d**k intake for sale very soon. would that work for you? Currently fitted to a b16a2
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    EJ9 > B16a2 mounts

    Hey guys, I know this topic has probably been brought up a million times but after some intense Googling I have yet to get a firm answer. Basically, my 2000 EJ9 is getting the B16a2 from a 1999-2000 Jordan. I've got everything I need however the gentleman that is selling me the swap said that...
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    WTB Stock EK4 B16a2 engine mounts

    @oifovo the chap I'm getting the engine off said that the rear mount and 2 side mounts are the only ones that need replacing. Would my D series mounts work? If not how much would postage set me back for the mounts buddy?
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    WTB Stock EK4 B16a2 engine mounts

    @oifovo It turns out I only need the back mount and 2 side mounts. How long could I borrow those/buy them for? :)
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    WTB Stock EK4 B16a2 engine mounts

    I'll let you know later today buddy. I would prefer to buy some or something if at all possible is all, I'd probably need them till April :/
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    WTB Stock EK4 B16a2 engine mounts

    Surely someone can help me out with these? :(
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    WTB Stock EK4 B16a2 engine mounts

    Hi folks, In real need of a full mount set for a B16a2. Was looking online but the prices were ludicrous! If someone has a set knocking about (the cheaper the better. As long as they work as I'll be going for hardrace in a few weeks) please let me know with pics, condition and a price. Thanks...
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    Terry's EJ9 - Genuine parts :)

    Getting there! :)
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    Some more pictures for you guys :) Apologies about the potato quality pictures, it was all done on mobile phones haha The SSB EJ9 is my friends car :)
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    Hello again boys n girls. Sure been a while! A little progress done on my car :) EP3 seats put in front grille + lip on Lowered (will be getting some meisters shortly) Stripped rear b16a2 ordered :D I've got some exciting plans for her this year. 282mm front brakes, 262 rears semi slicks...
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    Warning PAYPAL Scam

    Gotta love the spelling mistake :)
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    Thinking of getting a Civic ej9

    It's pretty crazy I agree. Considering I paid just a smidge over 700 quid, they're making twice what my car is worth. Guys... wanna start an insurance business? haha