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    Any discount codes for members?

    Any discount codes for members?
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    hi i'm interested for a pair of blackworks rear lower control arms (the street vertion) for...

    hi i'm interested for a pair of blackworks rear lower control arms (the street vertion) for civic ek 96-00 in silver color are these in stock ? can you ship to Greece ? please inform me about the shipping cost and the availability. thanks for your time .
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    Awesome Affordable Cars: Legendary EK9 Honda Civic Type R

    the ek9 is a true legend !
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    abunai civic (present)

    some recent pics of the car :))
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    BEST Grippy tyres

    I liked the toyo R1R's On street use they lasted 20.000 km Their performance went down after that km of use pretty bad. Decent tyre on rain and on cold weather. highly recommended !
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    silencers if they are straight through design wont claim power only weight. less bends will help tho... but the most important is the exhaust size/diameter ! less backpressure = more flow = more power ! in your case i would choose at least a 2.75'' or even bigger exhaust system this will let you...
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    Lightweight DC2 K20 Build - Dyno Day Update!

    fantastic built ! oem 96spec wheels looks so clean on the itr !
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    Sams K20 EJ6 Coupe + others.

    cool civic's :beer:
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    abunai civic (present)

    Last summer in Greece was really hot reaching 40+C on July & August ! So to keep things cool for the next season i bought a Skunk2 1/2 alpha radiator. My plan was to fit it right from the box but job routine kept me so time passed and winter came up and it's -3 outside right now pfff... Some...
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    abunai civic (present)

    Unfortunatelly the Buddy club rear LCA's bushings started getting some play and buddy club uk could not answer my emails :-( so with no replacement bushings available had to found a replacement ... Bought a brand new oem lca set from local honda dealer with 3 last oem lca bolts he had !
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    abunai civic (present)

    Removed and thown to the trash bin the last prosports gauges i had (oil pressure and oil themp). Prosport oil pressure was giving me strange readings and oil temp wasn't working... Replaced them with AEM oil pressure unit in BAR instead of psi i used to have. Much better product easy to install...
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    Jesse888 Forged/stroker turbo ek9

    belt was loose ? any ideas why that happened ?
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    EK9 Racecar

    awessome rear wing setup !
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    abunai civic (present)

    then installed them to the car !
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    abunai civic (present)

    progress ! fitted some worn out AN fittings to the new hoses i got !