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    Enkei Dealer UK/Europe

    found these guys ... Performance - Alloy Wheels & Tyres From The Alloy Wheel Experts ! Car Alloy Wheels, Replica Wheels, Cheap Alloy Wheels 'Official Distributor for ENKEI Wheels. We have the full Enkei alloy wheel range in stock for next day delivery. Call us for more...
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    Everything must go!

    On the website the price excludes shipping!
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    Bride super seat rail

    Depends on Bride rail type .... RO/YO/MO etc :)
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    SPOON clocks

    or try yahoo jap auctions ...
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    mugen,spoon,j's for sale

    Did a friend of yours advertise these items for you on civiclife???
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    ek9 suspension to ek4 civic SIR hatch

    make sure you get like an ASR reinforcement bar and an OEM EK9 rear sway bar to go with it (22mm I think). :) Otherwise it will tear through your subframe! :nono:
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    Rare UKDM EK4 Sir gauge Cluster

    UK uses MPH as standard
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    Vtec Direct

    He'll be back on friday, think 21-30 days on average sounds about right to get the items sent over here :)
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    SUBARU IMPREZA WRX STI ver4 Type-RA V-limited Center diff lock £6500

    just use the 'Insert Image' tool and paste the URL of the pictures you want to display, it'll be easier to view the pictures that way! :)
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    1997 CW EK9 - 86k miles (Feel's, J's Racing, Recaro, Takata and more!)

    I've got interest for one of the Takata harnesses! :)
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    1997 CW EK9 - 86k miles (Feel's, J's Racing, Recaro, Takata and more!)

    I can personally vouch for this car!! :nice: absolute beauty! Went to see Bazza about another Honda today and the EK9 stands out or what! :) The performance/ride is just absolutely amazing on the car! The car pulls very hard in VTEC and the noise in VTEC with the Js racing 60RS is immense...
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    Js Racing header - B16A EK4/EG6/EG9

    sold! :)
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    Mugen Exhaust Weight + Diameter

    Hey I had the same thing too When I measured my EK4 Mugen T/L. The flange was only 2.5 (collector) but the piping was smaller.
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    Js Racing header - B16A EK4/EG6/EG9

    **Bump** Nobody interested?
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    exhaust similar to js 60rs

    There was an Amuse Titan one here for sale ... check the for sale thread