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    R33 GTR V-Spec UK Spec (69 of 100) *SOLD*

    Is this still for sale
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    Py ek9 or Jordan

    Spotted a py ek9 or could be a Jordan with white alloys looked very clean at sainsburys roundabout in leven Fife anyone on here
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    newbie here guys ! im SAM 04 from SOCAL ! my ek 00 AT

    Welcome any future plans for it
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    Funny explanation

    Brilliant best one so far
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    Hey to all

    Hi welcome to forum nice looking ej9 u have their anymore pictures
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    Kanjo loop 1 film is here

    Truly amazing love these videos
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    hiya :)

    Welcome to forum bud anymore pictures
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    Ferrari fail drive

    Ha quality what a twat
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    GSXR-1000 track bike

    That's a beast u got their bud 175bhp that's sweet as
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    Just joined

    Welcome along Jen nice lookin 9 u have their good to see more lady's joining the forum u will find lots of great info uv come to the right palce
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    BREAKING Spoon EK9 Hi Comp B18C

    Pm'd intrested in the spec c's
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    She's popped on the Ring :-(

    Oft no way man that's pants
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    EK9 wedding Pic!!

    Congratulations bud that's what a call dedication all the best
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    Ultimate Scottish Streetcar, Crail

    Nice pictures bud love that eg6
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    Big Spec Dc2 for breaking! Loads of Extras!

    How much for the wheels nuts and spoon callipers