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  1. B16Swt Sticker's for sale

    Sorry I’ve been inactive for a while, I’ll find them and let you know soon!
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    EK9 Racecar

    Well what a season! Really sorry I haven’t been updating this, I’m going to try and keep on top of it from now on! I finished the season 2nd overall in class B and second overall in the series. Which is great considering it’s been my first season, but it wasn’t first! Which has to be the goal...
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    @carguydiaries Member on here?

    Yep that's me! Sorry I need to dig out the stickers. Lots of improvements to the car for race 3. Will update my thread soon
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    EK9 Racecar

    Had my first race on the 22nd of April! Qualifying didn't go to plan, I didn't get a fast lap in due to a red flag ending the session very early. Ended up 10th overall but first in class B! Very happy with the result, a few improvements have been made in preparation for the next race on the...
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    Car Guy Diaries YouTube Channel!

    T Thanks man, Yeh I will be updating my thread shortly. Also need to find the EK9. Org stickers!
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    Car Guy Diaries YouTube Channel!

    Hey guys, A friend and I have started a YouTube channel called Carguydiaries! Doug and I between us watch a lot of car related content on YouTube, we've always admired the people who do it, and we thoroughly enjoy spending our free time watching their content! Cleetus McFarland Mighty Car Mods...
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    EK9 Racecar

    Haha lol
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    EK9 Racecar

    Testing on the 29th, first race 22nd April.
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    Because Racecar.....

    Because Racecar.....
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    EK9 Racecar

    Let's just say things have moved on a bit.... Turbo set up gone..... Now running a very strong b18c mainly stock set up 222hp. Racing in the Castle Combe Hot Hatch Series.
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    WTB - a few honda EK parts

    Will send you a pm, I have an drivers window regulator and rear brake splash guards.
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    Genuine EK9 windscreen

    Bit of a long shot, but does anyone have one going spare before I have to get a ukdm one?
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    Passenger side window regulator and driver side wind deflector

    I've got a regulator and window, pm me if interested
  15. B16Swt Sticker's for sale

    Hey guys, If you buy stickers can you send me a Pm once you have paid. For some reason I'm not getting alerts from PayPal when I receive payment. Sorry Charlie your stickers are on their way now!