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  • Hi mate do me a ofer on your Js and the gearbox and what the sub and amp like can you send me a pic. Thanks
    Hello mate if u don't mind just ordered my eg9 sir spolier for my ek4 ferio. I have seen u previously had one fitted to your ek4. Just wondering is it a job you could do fitting it yourself if your handy with the hands or is it a body shop job.
    Hi mate, just wondering if you could send me a pic of the gear linkage you've got and the price for it delivered, cheers.
    Mate u still breaking the ferio I still need an interior light and one door pin I no stupid wee parts but hard got over here only one breakers yard close to me and he all out of civics
    Hi mate. Could you send me your email address? I urgently need your help and opnion to do with an engine conversion.
    Hello, I'm looking for a Spoon Street, the one you're selling seems very nice, can you ship to France? For how much?

    Thanks you, best regards, Michael.
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