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    HELP PLEASE need a ek9 vin number

    thank you very much, fingers crossed they will be able to give me price cheers BLOODSHOT.
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    HELP PLEASE need a ek9 vin number

    hi can anyone help, i need a 99-00 ek9 type r vin number so i can get a quote on oem ek9 headlights. unfortunately they cant get quote without it THANKS IN ADVANCE
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    HID's fitted

    looking good mate !
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    ek9 car insurence

    ive tried quite a few companies ive no points clean licence 23yrs old and 4yrs no claims which comp are you with mate?
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    just weighed my car. just want to share the info :)

    thats really cool man, so what you got planned next for your ride?
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    ek9 car insurence

    thanks guys ive had a couple of quotes but they are in the region of £2000-£3500 !!!!!!!!!! any ideas??????
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    ek9 car insurence

    hi guys, how much are you paying for car insurence and which companies are you with. im 23yrs old with 4yrs no claims do you think ive got a chance?
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    thanks mate have a look in vbgarage
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    Forum Display / Navigation Speed?

    it seems fine
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    just wanted to say hi to all the users on here. Im from the uk and current own a ej9 and bmw 330ci. As with alot of the users on this forum an ek9 would be ideal future car for me to own, so im keeping my fingers crossed
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    wtd: ek9 headlights

    hello after a pair of ek9 99-00 headlights if anyone can help, thanks