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    Free bits and bobs

    sent pm :)
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    Ek9 Exhaust

    Hi, Mid pipe and backbox needed. Anyone? Thanks
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    Integra dc2 réunion island

    oui :) Post some photos for everyone to see. I'm surprised an integra exists on such a small and isolated island :o
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    Integra dc2 réunion island

    St Denis? St Pierre? which Saint?
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    Integra dc2 réunion island

    Hey dude, whereabouts are you based?
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    Rota slipstream alloys

    Pics please.
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    Rota slipstream alloys

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    Rota slipstream alloys

    Looking for some Rota slipsstream in 16' or 15' and 4x100 PCD. ET must be 35+. Want to fit these on my EJ9. Thanks guys.
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    Hi, Still got track time tickets for tomorrow?

    Hi, Still got track time tickets for tomorrow?
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    B18C / B16B Clutch change, how-to

    Can the pictures be uploaded again please?
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    really bad idle problem help. Finally sorted

    Not often do people come back to explain how they solved their issues, good on you mate.
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    2000 EJ9 Civic SSBP

    Nice, keep the updates coming!
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    Wellington Place Leeds - DC2 CW Carbon spoiler.

    Parked in Wellington place car park. Anyone here?
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    More Japfest 2 pics

    The colour is pirates black. Has anyone actually seen the colour up close? It has a hint of purple which this car has. Just because it has black in the name doesn't mean it's pure black lol. I think people are confusing starlight black with pirates black, two totally different colours. The...
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    More Japfest 2 pics

    Pirates Black indeed. As with most cars, photos don't do them justice.