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    Dobler's eK Build

    It basically makes the engine legal in the chassis. You have to get the correct ECU, Cat, Header, Intake, then take the car to the Bureau of Automotive Repair (BAR) for a complete inspection. If it passed you can SMOG the car at any station. Also if you get pulled over the car/ motor is legal...
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    Dobler's eK Build

    Small update... Gathering parts to BAR the car in CA.
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    EG / EF / EK / EP - PARTS FROM JAPAN: Genuine aftermarket NEW goods.

    Spoon EK duck bill shipped to the USA?
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    EK and FK8 Canyon Run

    Yeah theyre all local canyons. That was ACH.
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    EK and FK8 Canyon Run

    lol i was keeping it super chill for t he most part, not really pushing it. the rear tires were rubbing the quarters because i used the wrong spacers. SMH.
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    EK and FK8 Canyon Run

    MY B18C5 swapped EK and my homies FK8 in some SoCal Canyons....
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    Various Aftermarket EK9 parts for sale

    those Recaros! too bad shipping to the US will be expensive :(
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    Crash Damaged EK9 Shell + Breaking Various Parts

    how much for the side moldings shipped to the USA?
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    Dobler EG in n out 1.jpg

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    EK upper grand.jpg

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    Luda Roller 1.jpg

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    Spoon Wheel.jpg

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