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    OEM wind deflectors and ek9 air box For Sale

    Wind deflectors now sold..
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    Wanted: EK9 rubber intake pipe

    I have a full oem air box if it any good?dont want to split it..
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    OEM wind deflectors and ek9 air box For Sale

    Open to offers on all parts left..
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    EK9 OEM Rear axle back exhaust box

    That was sold last month mate..
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    My Visit To Spoon/Type One Garage Japan

    Awesome pics mate :nice:
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    just brought an ek9 type r

    Changing the exhaust isn't going to make a noticeable difference in the power.. Buddyclub is one of the loudest systems about tho.. What other mods does the car have? Has it been remapped badly mayb?
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    Car mappers in Northern Ireland

    Yea an Evo, is ai still going? I can't find much about them online..
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    Car mappers in Northern Ireland

    Can anyone recommend a tuner in ni for performance cars and someone with a 4wd dyno? Any one ever used elite performance?
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    My New Toy

    My Evo 6 had rust there, a friend of mine had a r33 skyline and the boot had holes due to the amount of rust under it. But as they say, rust is lighter than carbon :D
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    My New Toy

    All fq's are sold in the uk. This one is very clean but I'm goin to wax oil it just to keep it in top condition.. But like all jap cars honda Subaru etc there all prone to rust..
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    My New Toy

    The best thing about them is it's takes very little to push the hp up compared to the Hondas, think I might try and keep it standard.. For a few weeks anyway :D
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    My New Toy

    After 5 years of owning my ek9 I decided to part with it and buy another new toy, after owning a Evo 6 and 8 in the past I knew it was the only car I wanted after the ek9.. So here is my Evo 7 fq300 with just over 60000 miles. Basically standard the way I wanted it with a hks induction kit and...
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    Spoon Cluster, crazy sold price..

    Just seen this on fb, it sold in the USA for $4000 which is just over £2600.. Crazy price for a mod that you get no gains with lol even tho you get a very very rare item, would you pay it??