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    need help finding a type r face for 1998 civic

    the side skirts are the same on all ek hatches, i can help you with a BNIB grille, the other parts i may be able to source for you
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    Greetings from Italy

    Ciao Giulio! was wondering when you would end up joining here :)
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    Where to find OEM parts?

    ah yes jspec, well known for selling a stolen ek9 cut in half. great supplier.
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    New member here!

    @Goodsport Was great to see you there last night, must be the quickest anyone on this forums ever met up with the group lol! Welcome to the group bud :)
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    Where to find OEM parts?

    hey! welcome, if you would like to DM me i can help you find any parts you require. in general whenever i buy a car i like to do a full service (air/oil/fuel filters, oil and plugs) + timing belt/tensioner/waterpump just for erring on the side of caution
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    JDM Combe 2021 - October 9th

    really last minute but if any EK9 owners wish to book onto the stand this year, the deadline is the 20th September (Monday) club details are: stand: code: EK9JDM be good to see a few more EK9s there!
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    BNIB EK9 Grille - Facelift 99/00

    Hi as titles states. 1x brand new in box genuine honda EK9 Civic grille.(also EM1 Si) Includes back plastic 'mesh' and front piece Complete with instructions and box. 375 delivered in the uk Worldwide delivery available at extra cost.
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    Brand New Facelift EK9 Headlights - for sale

    Theyre ordered whenever you order. About 2 week wait at the moment.
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    Brand New Facelift EK9 Headlights - for sale

    he shouldnt be posting, he's not following the forum for sale rules so he's no longer in
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    How to choose a turbo and manifold?

    Plenty of great information out there already on
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    What would you call this part?

    0⁶ you are aware this forum isnt that active anymore, and this is a question your average owner will not know. also to fact check you, no they do not all have crash bars. (thats what the bar across the front is called for those googlers) it is spec, year and region depending. as Klasse said...
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    Brand New Facelift EK9 Headlights - for sale

    i wish :( seen BNIB sets trade for 2.5k+ if anything ever comes up ill post about it
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    Brand New Facelift EK9 Headlights - for sale

    yes i can it will cost a little bit more but not much, send me a dm
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    Parts wanted for EK and EG

    Drop me a PM buddy
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    Brand New Facelift EK9 Headlights - for sale

    Hi all, as we know the price of genuine parts keeps going up and up, I have managed to come to an agreement with Honda and can supply these new headlights at a reduced cost to you all. For a pair of Brand New Genuine Honda EK9 Headlights is £600 Delivered within the UK. These usually retail at...