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    your top iphone apps?

    I use viber its petty handy, free calls and tx any where in da world, as long as u have internet.. its worth a download:)
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    Help with B18c swap

    yes the gearlinkage will fit, but the (ej9 or ek3) are all the same, the drive shafts will fit no prob
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    Ek9 5 stud on to civic coupe

    Hi there, yeah its pitty handy done, all parts u need is: front type r hubs, rear trailing arms, rearbrake hoses(they fit ur brake pipes fine), handbrake cables, also a brake servo & master cyclinder(1"), dont forget ul need a 5 stud spare wheel:nice: bit of advice make they are notn missing...
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    Advise on oil for honda race quad!!

    hi yeah its 4 stroke, pm me price for oil and fiter, gear oil, & spark plug.. postage to derry thank:thanks:
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    People that have done b18 conversions!!!!

    wat engine? b18c or b18c4? wat car u putn it into ek??
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    Advise on oil for honda race quad!!

    Hi just got a Honda 450R TRX, does any body have one ?and wat oil do u recommend?? for engine & gearbox any help much appreciated thanks:nice:
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    burning oil... like a lot

    Yes off course i do, i built the car to race so u need to be sure all fluilds is ok.. and u can keep a eye if ur car burns oil!!!! one week or a month is way to long, well if u use ur v-tec!!
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    burning oil... like a lot

    u should try motul oil it very good, ul be able to buy it of sim auto on ere sound guy and always good to deal with.. by the sounds of it ul need pistion rings and valve steam oil seals.. wen ur in there, ul replace head gasket, oil& filter, coolant, timing belt.. so with parts and labour ul be...
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    burning oil... like a lot

    U should check ur oil and water daily.. its the first thing i do before i drive mine.. is there much smoke on v-tec? and comen down on the rev's?? wat size of engine u run'n??
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    Hello new user ek9 questions?

    If ur not sure, take a machanic with u who nos about them.. dont rush out and buy the frist one have a good look around ul find da rite 1:nice:
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    B18 swap wiring question

    Hi Ben, The best thing to done is get a wiring loom, ul need a vti/ek9 loom, any thing else will not fit dash plugs ect eg(dc2 loom) hope this helps u
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    Polished and Waxed for winter

    Looks very nice!! i love wen its rains the water just falls off da car:)
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    Hitmo's Championship White JDM 96 Spec DC2

    Unbelive able clean very good work, thanks for share'n with us.. the headlamps is like new fairplay lad, so how did u do it step by step?? lol any more plans for it??
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    Newbie from Portsmouth :)

    Welcome along ul find this forum very useful..:) so wat u drive mate?
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    *** leeK9 progress thread ***

    Id say u do Lee, she was mint.. u must never spent a penny on da body work, just the engine:nice: Hard to belive u had it for 4 years! Would u not recommed TDP again? But its all worth it wen u bet the car thats just that bit quicker.. just to c ur face lol did i see ye driven a SiR civic...