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    Evo 8/9 enkeis

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    Evo 8/9 enkeis

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    Standard exhaust system for b16a2 ek4

    Hi mate I have one for sale I'm located in dartford, pm me mate if your interested.
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    Evo 8/9 enkeis

    Hi all as the title states id like a set of evo 8 or 9 enkeis please.
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    17" 5x114.3 rota wheels

    cheers for the offer dude i was going that route but didnt like the idea of having a silly wide spacer 25mm minimum on the rear to get them to sit right.
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    17" 5x114.3 rota wheels

    hi all im looking for a set of rota wheels rota torques ET45 or 30 rota boosts rota slips rota grids pm me what you got thanks, chris.
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    ek standard front camber arm asap

    have them can post mate.
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    WHITE DC5 alloys

    yeh cheers dude ill see what anybody else can offer me first. cheers for the link
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    5zigen 2.5" manifold / A048 tyres

    GLWTS mate, can vouch genuine seller.
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    WHITE DC5 alloys

    Hi all im looking for a set of DC5 alloys in white pref but dont have to be pm me what you all have thanks.
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    Need VSS for EK9 S4c LSD and a passenger door!!!!

    i have a door £60 mint and a vss very cheap pm me dude
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    Looking for a rolling shell/ cheap civic

    i have a bare EK4 VTI shell in frost white £300 takes it
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    4 R888s 2 new and 2 have 3.8 mm looking for 310 mate pm me mate.
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    Wtb decent set of coilovers,decent exhaust system in Px with twin loop

    alright mate not sure if you have seen my breaking list around but ive got a solid fabs exhaust 2.5" 2 silencers fully heat wrapped from manifold back 2 months old!!, and meister R S coilovers that have seen 14,000 miles pm me mate if intrested.
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    Ek 2.5 exhaust

    got a solid fabrications exhaust 2.5" manifold back 2 months old £400