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    2000 EK9 Civic Type-R Facelift Championship White

    Probably because it's sold
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    Hello from Massachusetts

    First lesson is stop spamming posts with 'bump'!
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    Honda Fit

    Massive revival is this still for sale?
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    RARE desmond ragamiesters 15" et45x7" MINT

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    Titanium Axle back exhaust EK9, OEM B Pipe * VIDEO ADDED *

    How much matt? You still got the civic?
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    EK9 Rear Caliper (Passanger side)

    Japservice parts sell them new, They're about £100.
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    White EK9 Thetford

    Parked next to me at Thetford High Lodge today. Anyone here?
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    Ek9 rolling shell

    im sure he used to be on the forum. Sure he got banned. Ben samphier I think his name was.
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    Ek9 rolling shell

    Is there any shells for sale. Needs to be rolling with interior/ loom for the lights. No requirement for engine parts.
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    Well this is a RARE example

    I never knew the EK9 was built in Blue :slap...
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    Honda Civic Ferio Vi-RS

    Bro. How about you read the thread before bumping. Or is that too difficult?
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    Honda Civic Ferio Vi-RS

    ^Dude are you serious. Read the post or get banned for thread bumping.
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    milano red eg6

    I'm guessing as the post above says SOLD! 'then it's sold.
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    seat cover

    They on eBay for £30 each.
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    Swap premier ep3 for ek9

    If you want to sell send me some info.