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    3sgte starlet finished.

    Thank dude, yes its still fwd... The torque of this engine in this car is unreal, even off boost it just picks up without any lag. its great. If you have the right knowledge i would recommend it. Definitely will shred some tires haha... Your are right mate.. Its the rev 3 mr2 245hp stock.
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    3sgte starlet finished.

    Yeah i will be doing some quarter mile for some fun.. I dont take all that too seriously, im more interested how it performs on the road, the torque, the feel of the car etc... and of course on track. And it handles amazingly. I will have a boost cut off switch that will run off the wastegate at...
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    3sgte starlet finished.

    Haha you remember lol! Well its been off road for 4 years, thats when i bought the ek9, then the 350z then an ep3 now all i have is this and my van so put all the effort into this one car. Will sure put a couple of silly videos up ha, cheers mate :) Haha i know i thought with the power i...
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    3sgte starlet finished.

    Cheers gav! He he, yeah will be a good crack lol
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    3sgte starlet finished.

    Thanks! yes me and you both.. Its get road mapped so wont know figures just yet, but if we can get around 30PSI id be very happy. Its an MR2 turbo engine rev 3.. This is around 2050cc with overbore. Yeah the 5E is a nice easy conversion.. This is all custom work and fabrication. But so worth...
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    3sgte starlet finished.

    Cheers dude... I know its not an ek or any honda for that matter, but just thought id post it up as were all into cars :) and i am apart of this forum.
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    3sgte starlet finished.

    Thought id share the completed project as some are interested. Well its finally done... after so much hassle! Mapping is next Tuesday Fully forged 3SGTE GT35/30 hybrid turbo Motec ecu This list is massive but i wont go on lol. Hoping for 500ATW A few pictures so far:
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    ****Titan Race pro S 5w-40 engine oil 5 litres FOR SALE****

    Price: £45 collected (A total of £15 saving new from opie oils even with the discounts) Paypal?: yes but will have to add the 4%.. Transfer to bank would be better and save money Location: London/surrey Condition: Brand new Delivery: yes but at a cost of £5 Description: Titan Race pro...
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    So whos seen American Pie: the reunion....

    yep really really funny film!
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    >> DV8's EK9 <<

    Very nice indeed mate! Has come a long long way!
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    600bhp dc2

    That is so funny!!!
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    Long time since ive popped my head in!

    Cheers Kaks! Hope your cool bro