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    Spoon replica side mirrors (powered) wiring

    already done...but nothing! also i cannot adjust the mirror by hand...if so i could live in peace... I do not want change them because are red like the car...i lower the seat a bit...but nothing better
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    Spoon replica side mirrors (powered) wiring

    Yes, i have found online some electric scheme, i try the original wires until the door and still work... i bought the car used equiped with these side mirrors and so i do not have nothing for "instructions" i know now every original colored wire what do/move...but the 4 wire coming out of mirror...
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    Spoon replica side mirrors (powered) wiring

    Could someone of you help me on wiring the original 3wires connector (L side - blu/blk - blu/wht - yel/red) to the aftermarket side mirror with 4 wires (blak - white - gray - blu)! I do not open rigth side yet Thanks.... Andrea
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    Dc2 rear seats into an ek/ej (non ek9)

    Can someone help me indicating which bottom sliding rails are siutable for putting DC2 Recaro seat in EK4 chassis? Tegiwa Import says YES, but for me fit only EG and DC cars. part are Cheers
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    Yellowspeed Pro Plus Racing 2-way Coilover Suspension EG EK9 civic DC2 Integra

    Hi Mate... Are you able to send the kit in Italy? Or could you send it in Italy on my DHL account? Cheers Andrea