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  • Im interested in the tilt brackets if they are still available you can send me the paypal invoice to sergioaguilar310@yahoo.com thanks
    Hey I'm in Atlanta GA USA.. I'm interested in a set of brackets if you still make them.. Please PM me back. Thank you
    Yeah the car is ok.. list of parts is starting too add up. one of the spoiler brakets snapped on my way back. do you have any idea where i can get cheap tilt brakets ?. im trying to get a place on the stand at jap fest, but i havent heard back yet.
    Hey up jame's, got back last night about 10.30 had a long safe drive back the car is fantastic i didnt get home intill 2 this morning just had to take it for a blast across my favorite mountain roads. the amount of traction the car has got is awsum :). thanks for a great car james it really was a pleasure to do business with you. hope to hear from you soon mate.
    interested in a set of ctr tilt brackets, ship to florida? if so email me price at
    ricky56ace@yahoo.com, thanks
    Cant send pms so hope you get this, do you still have the passenger regulator for the ek? Mine is ruined and struggling to find one cheap enough, eddwiatrzyk@hotmail.com
    Cheers mate
    hi, i saw that you are selling ctr tilt brackets to help people out. it's great. i really want a set. will you ship to canada? if you do send me an invoice to x140s@hotmail.com. thank you very very much
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