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  • They have seen 300 miles before the car was written off on the way back from the tuners. It was a chap on here who fitted and tuned them. Can't remember hsi name of the top of my head but he is very well known.

    Hi mate, you pm'd me regarding the cams but I can't reply due to lack of posts. I'm after £425 outright for the cams or £200 with oems.

    Cheers, Ben
    no worries buddy hehe, thank you very much mate.

    haha sounds brilliant! only got a ej9 though but on the ring last year it was pretty good for what it is. so much fun. cant wait for some sort of type r
    hi mate, how was the track day?

    just wondering if you have had a chance to send you the clips that you had lying around,
    hmm could you possible have a look dude

    yea they said "Good luck with that, you have no chance" unless i pay £70 for the full kit :(
    hi mate, you dont by any chance have the wind deflector clips do you?
    i cant get any so the deflectors are useless to my atm.

    and just wondering what actually happened to your clips?
    The manifold is one of the best on the market if not the best. Spoons throttle body is 70mm but costs over £300. The bbk throttle body will do the exact same job. Its a nice mod to be honest mate it should make some great power.

    Ime sorry but there is no way ime going to let it go for any cheeper than what ive put. The price what ime asking for is cheap considering that the manifold + postage to the UK cost me over £270. I'd might as well just keep it for my turbo setup at that price :)
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