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    Nissin Rear Brake Calipers Honda Civic EK9 Integra DC2 Type R

    Lings Honda can often be useful for things like this, You'll soon find out most things on the chassis are fine thread (1.25mm). DC2 reg plate entered but very much the...
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    Code 15 ignition output signal

    I would probably check wiring to dizzy and if it’s okay try another one, they can be funny things. But usually go without an EML to be honest. Which makes me think wiring somewhere.
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    Still in a Honda - Civic EG Racer

    Hello all, This is just an update with what I am up to in the world of Honda since I don't bother much with social media and what not. I have created a few build threads in here over the years and got the itch for racing, well I always had but never pursued it. '94 B18C EG (It's basically a DC2...
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    Anyone know where to get prefacelift ek9 headlights??

    You after new or used?
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    Release bearing question

    Did you buy an Exedy clutch kit out of interest? I replaced a used exedy kit in my car (well just rel bearing as clutch was in good condition) and the release bearing had like a shoddy plastic part of the housing and didn’t feel like it had taken the miles well in general with the slop in it...
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    Tegiwa Driveshafts

    I had looked at the Tegiwa shafts as it looked like there was some consideration of balance/vibration as they have those rubber doughnuts installed like a lot of OEM Honda shafts but haven't tried them. I haven't been having a great time with driveshafts on my racecar, The J&R CV boots seem to...
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    Built Gearbox / Gearsets / LSD’s (non-OEM)

    Gents, looking for some gearbox upgrades, anyone have anything that they would sell? M-factory gear seats, plated diffs, full boxes even? Cheers Kris
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    Genuine Honda EK9/DC2 Driveshafts & New OEM Honda clutch

    All, after the above if anyone has anything! Low mileage OEM Honda shafts in good condition is the ideal. Cheers Kris
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    Reducing Emissions

    Borrow a UKDM DC2 Cat & Midpipe could be a shout. Usual good blast and making sure she is up to temperature obviously. Condition of o2 sensor is important too. All about getting it lean on idle, wonder if a EK4 VTi ECU would help with that. I’ve heard people getting their maps tweaked for...
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    My 2000 Sunlight Yellow EK9

    Really nice and orginal looking EK9 and applaud your enthusiasm, Y56 is the best colour. You'll have a blast in the Ignis, they're great craic :nice:
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    Chipped P28 w/Boomslang OBD2A - OBD1 & EK9 Headlights

    Item for sale: Chipped P28 ECU & Conversion Harness Reputation: Price: £210 delivered + Paypal fees Paypal: Yes Location: Newcastle Condition: Used, Good working condition Description: Surplus requirements from my B18C EG Racecar, I am sure...
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    P73-003 JDM '96 Spec ECU

    Got one of these sorted, thanks for help!
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    P73-003 JDM '96 Spec ECU

    All, Anyone have one of these they would sell before I take the plunge on eBay? Could be tempted with an aftermarket one at the right price too. Cheers Kris
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    New R81 EG6 (update page 2/3)

    Very nice EG which are few and far between these days! Presume you'd be taking her to Mondello?
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    Steering Wheels Ideas

    Momo Tuner 350mm or Momo Monte Carlo would be my choice.