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    Price and pictures
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    Looking for mugen twinloop, spoon n1 or fujitsubo rm. anyone one of these but must be reasonably priced prefer with centre pipe and decat
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    Goodsport's Jazz Si Build

    Looks nice I am on look out for jazz si for a school run. I have seen few modified one in Asia and look really nice
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    Facelift passenger side rear light wanted

    As per title need passenger side rear facelift light oem must be reasonably priced
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    wanted spoon superstreet exhaust system

    I am looking for spoon superstreet exhaust system but may also consider mugen twin loop if no joy then spoon n1.
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    Steering Wheels Ideas

    I have nardi torino 350mm boss and spacer removed from ek9, i can send pictures via WhatsApp pm me price £170 open to offers
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    Exhaust wanted for ek9

    I am looking for mugen twin loop back box and centre pipe May consider tanabe, fujitsubo rm-01 or others not loud Also mats not red
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    EK9 CTR

    Do you have pictures of ek9, mileage, price and is there any rust on arches
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    Civic ek steering wheel wanted

    I am in need of non airbag honda steering wheel for civic ek. See picture
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    PY facelift ek9 breaking

    Price for spoiler also do you have air con radiator bracket, radiator bracket, manifold cover and radiator
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    Looking to buy a Genuine Silver or Black Civic EK9

    Any update on silver ek9 b18c’r ek
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    Civic ek9 parts

    True, i have been on look out for ek9
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    Civic ek9 parts

    What is price for each parts stated