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    Track SSB EK4 kanjo inspired

    The bump steer has nothing to do with your de powering the rack. It's from your inverted racing outer tie rods. I know this is sad news because it was to me too but the racing performance shop that I took my car to for a serious alignment told me these inverted tie rods have the worst bump steer...
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    Newly swapped EK9 cluster reads RPM with delay

    I think I know the problem. I have a bad stepping motor for the gauge. Does anyone know how to replace one? Thank you.
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    Newly swapped EK9 cluster reads RPM with delay

    Hi guys! I have a 1996 Honda Civic CX hatchback. I’ve had the original Civic CX cluster (no tachometer) since day 1 and also the upgraded Civic LX/EX cluster (with tachometer) since 2009, and they both have always worked flawlessly. I just swapped out the cluster with a genuine EK9 cluster with...
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    Need help car wont start

    As soon as you turn the key to the ON position, is there a clicking those for the fuel pump priming when the check engine light turns on and then off? If doesn't then there could be two reasons. The fuel pump isn't getting power by either from the connector or the MAIN RELAY is bad. I had this...
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    What if I didn't use shim?

    This was on my old engine. What happened was that there's a very strong grinding noise when I'm off my clutch pedal so it's most likely Input Shaft Bearing which is the problem. The first time I installed the MFactory LSD (replaced major bearings with new ones) , I didn't shim it. I drove it for...
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    Steering rack has play in it

    I think you should replace both inner and outer tie rods regardless because they are significantly cheaper to replace than the rack. The second thing you should do is replace the 3 steering rack bushings because it is also a cheap replacement. It is very unlikely that it's the internals of the...
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    difference between 99 and 00 jdm b18c type r?

    No. I don't think so. Both of those years fall into the same production model known as the 98 spec R rather than the 96 spec R.
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    b16b or b18c r

    B18CR for sure!
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    Help, pics needed

    Those wheels aren't 15" by the way. They are 16".
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    Awesome Affordable Cars: Legendary EK9 Honda Civic Type R

    I love this so much. I love old cars. God Save the 9.
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    beejus1 ej9 build

    Those definitely aren't Skunk2. I don't think Skunk2 uses that style U-shaped camber kit and Skunk2 usually comes in red. I also don't think Skunk2 uses the 6 bolt adjusting. I think there's are just aftermarket generic (no brand) camber kits.
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    clicking noise

    Maybe there's some debris stuck between the rotor and calipers. Try to take out the brake pads, inspect everything, and clean everything with brake cleaner.
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    Spark plug torque????

    Honda manual states 13 lbs/ft I believe.