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    Anyone trained in CNC machines?

    dont know if those will work for you but are free :
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    Spoon Monoblock 15" wheel clearance? 15x8, 5X114.3 PCD, +32 offset "These wheels will clear the Spoon Sports MonoBlock Calipers with no spacers. "
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    kwstascivic b20

    tuning a never ending story.
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    New Year 2019

    happy new year with lot of mods!
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    1972 Honda N600 deluxe restoration project Cyprus

    time for updates...
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    Longest owner

    lets bring some old topics back to life.....still got it.
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    Whats on your wish list for your ek9?

    lets bring some old topics back to life.....
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    EK9 Spoon ECU or Programmable ECU with B16B basemap

    spoon ecu was made for 100 octane gasoline which is available in japan.
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    M&M ek9 wide body or contact the guys below.
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    Custom Built Tubular Components

    georgia US or the country ? post few pics :)
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    1972 Honda N600 deluxe restoration project Cyprus

    nice results,like new.
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    Uploading Pictures - Photobucket Issues
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    Cluster led lights

    usually those leds are producing less light than the normal bulbs,it depends the manufacturer.
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    Cluster led lights

    pink ,dont do it :) if you can find led with amber color might look like stock,the white ones i tryed giving a terrible pink color.
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    power fc or hondata

    all depends the tuner,first ask if the tuner is able to tune both of them .dont woth to buy hondata and the tuner dont be able to properly tune it.