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    So sweet!
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    UK road trip in my EK9. Looking for guidance

    Very cool! Some nice photos there
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    AEM V2 Long Cold Air Intake B series

    Thanks bro! Been a while, I'll drop you a msg. Hope you're keeping well
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    AEM V2 Long Cold Air Intake B series

    Not posted a for sale on here in agessss! If anyone will see this. Listing it up here before sticking it on faceballs. Helping a mate sell while he's away and got it stuck in my garage. Think he ran it for maybe 5000miles. Item: AEM V2 cold air intake for B series B16 B18 B20 Price: £200...
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    New Member in Tokyo

    Welcome! That's so cool, I need to revisit Tokyo again and I NEED to see the honda collection hall. Love a silver ek9! Super rare
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    My Ek9 Civic

    Yeah as I say its an ej6 or ej8
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    My Ek9 Civic

    Yh there is no such thing as an ek9 coupe buddy. Also not in green. It looks to be an ej6 or ej8 coupe you have :)
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    My Ek9 Civic

    Nice! But that's not an ek9 is it? It's a coupe in your profile picture so it can't be. Ej6 or em1?
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    Need help deciding exhaust diameter

    Most people go with a 2.5" system and have good results. It future proofs yourself for further mods especially if you're doing intake stuff too. That's what I went with myself on my em1 but I am b18 now. My brothers b16 has a 2.25" system on his and honestly it feels really pokey, I dunno if its...
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    Issue with EM1 door window

    Had to replace my motor once when it just decided to pack in, gotta be motor or switch as others say. You can open the passenger window from the drivers side switch? Then I would've thought that points to drivers motor
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    No EJ9 forums. I guess here will do.

    Good to see u back on mate :O
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    2x 215/45/16 Hankook Tyres

    Sorry buddy they're long gone
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    UK road trip in my EK9. Looking for guidance

    That's super cool man! Enjoy the trip, hope the weather holds up well :) @Dzero4 may know some cool spots
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    Terry’s EM1 project

    Em1 friend