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    BREAKING Black ek9 k24, big spec, built box, rolling shel, Enkei NT03, coilovers, exhaust etc

    How much for rear plastics? Needing rear quarter panels
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    Lookinf for some rear interior quarter panels and some of the seat belt bolt caps please for an EK9. Desperate here! Final parts before this ek9 is back to standard And revived! Thanks!
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    b18c crankshaft

    Looking for a b18c crankshaft if anybody knows or has one, needs to be in good nick. Thanks
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    ------Massive ek9 clear out------

    still got the engine loom ?
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    ek9 engine loom

    anyone know of or is selling a engine loom for an ek9 b16b i need it for the gearbox speed sensor plug and would be very handy for future plans
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    EP3 Championship recaros

    thanks for the reply, i think so going to have a look end of this week i hope, if it is i will probably go down that route.
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    EP3 Championship recaros

    hi Ive got ep3 30th anniversary recaros in my ek9 and when i bought it the lad said there's only 3 bolts holding it in place as it has incorrect rails in place and does rock slightly when pressure i applied, Ive not really had any time to look or take the seats out etc, so was wondering if...
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    Speedo Converter

    The first thing i had to do was change the speedo to mph, so just a quick little guide if it helps anyone! I got the speedo from funky power quick delivery with the instructions. first i disconnected the battery as it was electrics and removed the air filter to get into the vehicle speed...
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    My First Honda !

    thanks i still havent had time to have a good look around the car as much as id like weather grim up here
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    My First Honda !

    thanks got it working on the preview .
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    My First Honda !

    hope that's the pictures up, taken after a quick wash not really any point as the British winter keeps it clean for the best part of a few meters. still need to give it a good clean inside, had it up in the air and only thing is a inner cv joint that needed refitted other than that its pretty...
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    My First Honda !

    thanks for the kind welcome :)
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    My First Honda !

    Hi everyone finally got myself an EK9 after driving about in a vw caddy for two years got to say what a car never did i think it would be this good, i hope to make this a project and slowly get it to the standard i want, would be brilliant for any tips etc for me to check over anything specific...