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    Any OGs still about?
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    Any OGs still about?

    689r its been a while since ive seen you post on here. Been on here since high school 2011 i think , got my ek9 in 2016. still have it now k24 frank turbo.
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    Power steering for rallying

    Im running hard race bushes for my rack and all my arms on the vehicle.
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    Wheel sizes

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    Bonnet gap

    i reckon your bonnet is bent. that's quite out.
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    Wheel sizes

    16x8 fits on my ek9, arches will need to be rolled. it all depends on offset.
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    Power steering for rallying

    DC2/EG/MB SUBFRAMES fit the eks, also gives the driveshafts a more straight line from gearbox to hubs. Would have to use ekk2 mounts. I think the dc2 steering rack is slightly quicker but im not 100% I would highly recommend not going ekk1 mounts with the standard ek subframe. Sorry i didnt...
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    Power steering for rallying

    on my kswap ek9 i use a accord pump. My mates k swap ek, he uses mr2 electric power steering. Another mate uses vauxhall astra electric pump. Another uses mercedes a class pump., Obvousily with all u need custom high pressure line, bracket to hold the pumps(if not honda) etc
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    EK9 OEM Seatbelts

    how much you end up paying if you dont mind me asking?
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    My 2000 Sunlight Yellow EK9

    Hey thats me hahahah. Thanks for the kind words *heart emoji*
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    Crx Del Sol, Spoon inspired build

    100% Iv been trying to do my 2 pence and come back on the forums more rather than going on facebook. I love this build due to the attention to detail thats gone into.
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    My K24 Frank Turbo EK9

    Few Videos of it on my instagram at the moment. @Master_rhodes
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    Ek9 resto project

    Message me privately. Il be happy to help. Plus save clogging this page
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    Ek9 resto project

    it did hav a pov spec interior, no airbag dash and wheel. only thing in the interior that was type r was the speedo. Outside was the same as a normal Type r except it had steelies and tints. manual rack, no abs etc. Iv seen some race bases come with more spec but very very rare
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    Ek9 resto project

    I work at Honda in Parts. There are places online that can you can use but it isn't proper like the actual Honda version