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  • hi do you have a contact number need spares urgently please respond! cannot PM due to idiotic board rules..
    Now then matey. A blokey said to ask of you if you hot and ek9 sun visors with fixings, as I need a set....
    Is it a ek9 window and what condition is it any scratches or chips also a live in inverkeithing fife a cant really travel far with the window being craked in the car but sure we could work something out.
    alright mate. im after some parts off one of your breaking civics.
    after a door lock control uint. ( lock relay located inside the drivers door)
    and the lock latch mechanism which holds the door shut.
    please let me know. cheers mate. dan ivey. 07917042103/ivey4747@hotmail.com

    I noticed a post saying you are selling a dc2 JDM fiberglass bonnet.
    What make is the bonnet? Is it painted? What condition is it in?
    Excuse me but I did not write that i live in Hungary!
    Would interest the stock Ek9 suspension. Solvable, that post onto Hungary?(Budapest)
    For example DHL.:
    Parcel2Go.com - Door To Door Courier Service
    Thank you for the answer!
    You would send your email address, dared in order for me to be able to write to you would interest your stock ek9 suspension!

    Thanks, Tibi!
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