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    My EG K20 project

    Nice work mate! Always loved white Eg’s. Will be a fun car with the k20 in.
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    Honda Civic EJ9 1.4 Rebuild 19/02/16

    Thou roughly enjoyed going through it mate, keep it up! Definitely mate, makes you wonder what the d14 would make with better cams and higher compression!
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    From EK3 To Ek9 full swap

    Fantastic transformation, great work! Love the new wheels.
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    Elliott's B20 Vtec EK build

    Great thread mate. Love the effort being put in.
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    Matt's 512bhp EK9 project

    Loved reading through this thread mate, awesome build! Congrats on the feature too.
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    K Swap Rebuild EK

    Keep up the good work mate, enjoying this so far! Serious effort being put in!
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    Honda Civic EJ9 1.4 Rebuild 19/02/16

    Just read through the whole build. Fantastic work mate, love how you've done everything yourself. Must have been serious hours put into this project. On a side note, seriously impressed with the BHP figure. Had no idea bolt on's could get so much power out of a d14 so easily!
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    Ek4 siR putting back to standard or break, spoon,rota, ek9 parts

    Hey mate, don't suppose the Cusco coilovers are still there?