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    Y56 EK9 For Sale, P/X

    Fancy a evo 4?
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    True straight exhaust

    Yeah the n1 is as close as a off the shelf as I could find under axel looks so much better
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    True straight exhaust

    When I mean straight I don't mean no box's I mean no bends
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    True straight exhaust

    I just don’t want any bends I will run 2 box’s
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    True straight exhaust

    I never said no silencers, I run at Knockhill in my v8 silvia no silencers never had a problem
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    True straight exhaust

    I might just get one made for track days
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    96 jdm headlight bulb size

    anyone know he headlight type for a jdm 96 spec car?
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    True straight exhaust

    Yeah like the old ah race car has from five mart
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    Most kanjo race cars I’ve seen they have to light the plugs by burning them whys thay
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    True straight exhaust

    has anyone got any pics of a true straight exhaust and I don’t mean no box’s I mean straight from manifold to the rear centre exit race style
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    Anyone fitted the mfactory shifter bushes

    has anyone fitted these there seems to be a 3rd bush but I don’t know what it’s for? Any help would be great
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    2005 Silverstone S2000

    wouldnt fancy a deal with a clean dc2 jdm
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    My UKDM DC2 CW - First Type-R

    I do have a soft spot for the Uk dc2’s I think they have a better front bumper
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    help from jdm dc2 owners

    I can check tomorrow
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    ek9 cam swap?

    There would be no point in changing the cam