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    Integra Type Rs **BREAKING FOR PARTS**

    After the steering U joint if you're willing to split from the rack ?
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    Engine Cooling Upgrades - Help Needed

    I dont trust Tegiwa stuff, it's as cheap as ebay brand stuff, My blackworks racing rad worked perfect from @eternal blue 2000 on my B18cR. Look for a low temp fan switch and a good high power fan to draw in more air. Thermostatic sandwich plate will be good because it'll only open up when it...
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    dropped it at my usual garage for MOT and Driveshaft snapped

    Probably been hard launched and due to it's age, snapped. Seen oem ones go so they're not that strong but only on hard acceleration, would only do that type of damage under serious load.
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    Bodyshop recommendations??

    He's really good but gets quite busy.
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    Bodyshop recommendations??

    Paintrix in wolverhampton - Give Kam a call 07760 285989
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    Starting up my Ek9 after 3 years in storage

    Probably flush the fuel and refill with new fuel, new fuel filter, oil filter with your oil change, probably new plugs too. Might also benefit from a coolant flush too. Basically just a service and fresh fuel. Hopefully your brakes haven't seized on though, from my experience Honda brakes like...
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    Im Selling my EK3 B16A but how much?

    Are you retarded ?
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    Dc2 subframe rack pas

    still looking, nobody got one, used to be all over the place
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    EK Parts wanted

    Got these rare Summit Racing Pillar braces Goes across the rear quarter windows and above the rear window. £150
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    D16y7 bore to d18 NA build???

    Why go through all that effort when you can buy a B18 block relatively cheap
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    How to remove an immobiliser from an ECU

    From memory they're all identical but I think I read the layout maybe different, pins in different locations but dont quote me on this because it's been a while since I checked and I used an old write up to do this video.
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    Difference with EK9 LCA's

    I think it refers to (correct if im wrong) base model EJ9 and EK3 never had a front arb fitted so the arms are different. Some Pre face, all face lift EJ9 and Ek3s had them as did all EK4 and EK9. Thats for us in the UK, unsure for any others.
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    Here is my new purchase, EK4 VTI

    I'd keep the bomex spoiler, they look good and not as common as the spoon or ek9 that people tend to run. If you still want to stay B series i'd try looking for a well looked after B18cR or C6, after market cams, refresh the head, free flowing intake and exhaust and you should see around 210+...