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    Swindon-EK9 - '02 JDM EP3

    Good looking JDM EP3! If you remember, bought your MF10's and still haven't put them on the car. Oops..
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    '96/'98 OEM EK9 Front/Rear lip

    Hello everyone, I'm looking for the '96/'98 PRE-facelift OEM EK9 front and rear lip. If possible with the bumpers and grill All needs to be OEM parts and not cracked/broken. I life in the Netherlands so everything needs to be shipped! Kind regards, Ben
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    EM1 Civic Wheels

    Hi, I'm looking for a set of EM1 Coupe Vti/Si wheels. How is willing to sell them and ship them to the Netherlands? Don't need tires, do want the center caps. Please Help!
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    ADVAN RG 5x114.3 15x7 +44

    Do you know if I can run 300mm Ep3 brakes behind these wheels?
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    Josh's K24 EK Track car

    Car looks great! As for the heater, if you use a k-tuned thermostat housing you can remove al of the plastic piping for the heater. Save some weight and looks alot cleaner.
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    MUGEN EK strutbars, Real of Fake.

    I bought them! They look great, the welds look amazing! And the decals have so many details in them! No doubt there the real deal. Thanks to all of you how were helpful to authenticate them!
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    MUGEN EK strutbars, Real of Fake.

    I did know that's the normal logo. There are people telling me it must be printed/painted on but also have seen bars without logo's. And if you have a good picture and zoom in al of them look like decals like you said. Some of them don't even have them in the middle or aren't put on level with...
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    MUGEN EK strutbars, Real of Fake.

    Can get the set (front/rear) for 350euro.
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    MUGEN EK strutbars, Real of Fake.

    Thanks for the info, never seen an EK bar with this logo.. But also never seen a real bar besides pictures because they are very rare in Europe. Gen1 is a three piece bar, right? Gen2 is a one piece welded bar.
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    MUGEN EK strutbars, Real of Fake.

    The emblem must be painted/printed one the bars?
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    MUGEN EK strutbars, Real of Fake.

    Hi people, I can get a set of Mugen strutbars for my Ek but I don't know if they're the real deal. Looks real if you compare the welds but the Mugen logo's are different from all the other's I can find on the net.. Can some of you confirm if they're real?
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    X-tec from the Netherlands with a EL3 AWD Honda Orthia from Japan.

    Nice!! The funny thing is... after having seen YOUR car i wanted the Orthia so bad! Only my car has the oem tinted windows.
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    X-tec from the Netherlands with a EL3 AWD Honda Orthia from Japan.

    Hi, my name is Ben and im from the Netherlands. I have a large Honda car history all the way back from 2002. Here is my list of cars: CRX ED9 EDM CIVIC EK3 EDM-build to EK4/9 Spec LOGO GA3 EDM CIVIC EJ9 EDM INTEGRA DC1 JDM-1.7l carb automatic CIVIC EM1 UKDM SHUTTLE EF2 EDM CIVIC EJ9 EDM-still...
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    Matt's Civic Ferio Vi-RS

    Realy nice Ferio!
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    EK Ferio VI-RS?

    Hi I am from Holland and im looking for a FACE-LIFT Ferio VI-RS. I know there a some of these cars in the UK and Ireland, but is there someone thats willing to sell there car?