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  1. denward

    Spoon Ek9 Cluster for sale

    For anyone that has a few bob spare
  2. denward

    New Headlights - Maintenance and Care...

    Hi All I have a brand new set of facelift headlights and want to make sure I keep them fresh. Does anyone have any tips ? Any coatings / covers or anything I could use ? Thanks D
  3. denward

    Instagram sellers?

    Hi all Does anyone know of any legitimate Instagram seller pages that generally have some of the rarer Honda parts ? I’ve seen a few but unsure whether legitimate or not. Thanks d
  4. denward

    Te37 centre caps

    Hi All Does anyone know where I can locate a set of centre caps for a set of 15” bronze TE37s? Cheers D
  5. denward

    Rear calipers OEM ek9

    Hi all I’m looking for a pair of OEM rear calipers for an ek9 if anyone could help. Thanks D
  6. denward

    Running 15 TE37 and Spoon Calipers

    Hi all is anyone running 15x7 +43 TE37s with spoon twin blocks? I don’t have clearance. Wondering is this the norm . Thanks D
  7. denward

    Bride seat rail and side mount

    Hi All I have a bride vios and am looking for side mounts / sliders and rails for an ek9. could anyone recommend one please ?
  8. denward

    Used racing parts instagram

    Hi All Does anyone know these guys or have they dealt with them in the past?
  9. denward

    B18C - Sir v Type R crankshaft

    Folks Just looking into something re b18c crankshafts. is there a difference between the type r and sir b18c crankshaft ? Part number seems different but I don’t know whether there is a difference and whether the sir crank fits into the b16b. cheers D
  10. denward

    Tyre on 15x7 TE37

    Hi All I have a set of TE37s and am deciding on the tyre size to go with . I’ll be going for yoko advan neova ad08 but in between a 195/50 or 205/50. Will the 205 look too chunky or kind of kanjo? Hard to know without pictures
  11. denward

    Prices of ek9s

    One just popped up for sale in Ireland. Prices being advertised are steadily increasing. Sunroof!☹️☹️ Honda Civic Type R Ek9
  12. denward

    Central locking

    Hi all should my 99 ek9 have central locking ? I’m pretty sure my old 00 ek9 (rx) had it but it’s been so long I don’t know. It’s not a race base or anything. Doesn’t seem to work or isn’t there full stop… where would I find the central locking motor if it should be there. Thanks D
  13. denward

    Srs / airbag light

    Hi all I changed back to my after market steering wheel following the MOT/NCT. When I did this I used the wrong resistor which resulted in the srs light coming on constantly. I later found the correct resistor which I now have on the car but the srs light is still coming on. does the car...
  14. denward

    B16b Engine rebuild - advice

    Hi All I’m looking at rebuilding my engine in the winter and am looking for some advice. rather than simply changing gaskets, seals, belt, pumps etc, I’m considering doing some upgrades. I’m not looking for super power and trying to keep it some what original so I’m not looking to go K even...
  15. denward

    Fan not turning on

    Hi All my fan doesn’t seem to be turning on which is leading to a bit of over heating. I have changed the fan switch and thermostat but no luck. Any ideas anyone ? cheers D
  16. denward

    Spoon Europe ??

    Guys any idea what the story with spoon Europe is? Radio silence for quite some time and the website is still out of action
  17. denward

    New standard ek9 steering wheel

    Hi all looking for a new standard ek9 steering wheel. Mine is a bit tatty and looking for a new one. Any help appreciated D
  18. denward

    Recaro refresh

    Hi All I bought a set of new recaros recently and they are really clean but the upper of the seat ( above the waist ) feels a bit sloppy and loose due to age and a bit noisy. Is there any tips / ideas how to sort this of people have come across this? Cheers D
  19. denward

    OG Spoon SW388s v ReReleases ?

    Hi All Anyone have any idea what the differences are being the original SW388s and the ReReleases are ? Just interested more than anything.
  20. denward

    Shifter linkage rebuild kit?

    Hi All Anyone know can you get shifter linkage rebuild kits? Mine feels a tad sloppy . cheers