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    Heather Control Motor

    Want to buy now on a OEM heater control motor set denso, ax063700-5870, denso 063700-6641, and pp-gf30+m20. Parts where removed from a 00 Honda Civic Si will fit any 99-00 civic ek9. Thanks.
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    Main Girdle Honda B16b b18c and stud.

    Hi, i'm looking to purchase Main Girdle Honda B16b b18c and stud. Pm send. Thank you.
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    Ek9 Oem Cams.

    Looking for OEM b16b cams. If you have been in the hands of waiting for information. Thank you. Emergency.....:please:
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    Ek9 Cluster Gauge & Ek-2-3-4 Vti Cluster

    I'm looking for the following indicators of Friends. In the price range; EK9 for $ 250 USD EK4 is for ones give $ 100 USD.
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    Aem Ems Help...

    Hello, AEM EMS 1060 I need a base map. 2000-3000 rpm idle problem is trying to have a current map. Timing Sync İngition How do I do? Is there any other settings should I pay attention to? My car b16a2 stock. Thank you. Please help me
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    acceleration video b16a2.

    Hi. //
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    Help Idle AFR 10 ?

    Hi guys. The vehicle on the original ECU. P2T. Idle AFR percent does not change up to 10 and the 4,500 to 5,000 rpm. What could be the problem with the very wealthy?
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    2-3-4 gear acceleration video b16a2.

    2-3-4 gear acceleration Waiting for your comment. Thank you. CDM Vtec Apexi Power Fc Test Sürü
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    Hello. I am a new member. VTI 98 model b16a2 my car. I share the pictures. Forums enjoyable for everyone.
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    b16a2 vafc2 afr?

    What should be the best value for b16a2 AFR.