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    Tire Pressure

    What tire pressure should I run on my 2000 ej9 with 16x7 rim and 195x45x16 tires?
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    Control Arms

    I need new control arms for my 2000 ej9, I need front lower, and rear. Does anyone have any good website suggestions?
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    Control Arms

    Need OEM control arms. Preferably brand new condition.
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    Coil Overs

    Does anyone run maxspeed coil overs on their EJ9 and if so would you recommend?
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    Mesh Grill

    Does anyone know where I can get a mesh grill for a 2000 1.4i Honda Civic Sport (EJ9)? I've bought two now and they both haven't been able to fit.
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    Would 16"x8j with 15mm offset rims fit directly onto my 2000 civic ej9?
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    Coil Overs

    Building an EJ9 as my first car and first project car. Can anyone recommend the best budget coil overs.
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    Wheel sizes

    Will 16”x8j fit on my ej9 or does it need to be 16”x7j?
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    Wheel size help needed :)

    Hello, will 16”x8j wheels fit on my ej9, I know the 16” will but does it need to be 16”x7j?
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    Ek9 Rear Crash Bar

    Hi, I'm looking for a rear crash bar for an ek9 as mine has corroded, does anyone have a spare or know a breaker that might have one. Thanks.