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  1. Kipper

    B-series (M-Factory S80, HA P28 ECU B18C, J's intake etc, Radiator...)

    Gearbox & 4.4 FD sold. Also have a JDM B18C-R ECU (No immobiliser/200ps) - £90 + Post UKDM B18C-R ECU - £40+ Post Integra B18C-R Engine harness minus the starter cable - £90 + Post Not very old Exedy B18C Clutch kit with Genuine Honda Nachi release bearing (Carried as a spare for the...
  2. Kipper

    B-series (M-Factory S80, HA P28 ECU B18C, J's intake etc, Radiator...)

    Alright folks, beginning to list stuff B-series stuff here from the Racecar. FS thread is a WIP for the moment. All stuff is located in Newcastle, willing to post everything at buyers cost, although would prefer collection on box. Item for sale: '96 S80 Gearbox Reputation...
  3. Kipper

    Delimiter - Removal

    To keep the car in KM's you need to wire in something like a HKS speed limit defencer (SLD). I am sure things like an Apexi RSM or Pivot speed meter do similar. I wired in the HKS to my JDM EP3 because I wanted to keep the car accurate and correct.
  4. Kipper

    Integra One Make Series

    Thanks for sharing :nice: Enjoyed the best motoring video with these cars racing around central circuit, Tracy sports, Spoon etc...
  5. Kipper

    **Rigid Collar kit** Spoon.

    I use subframe collars in the Racecar and the main benefit I've found is keeping the geometry closer to where it's supposed to be when using the curbs and what not since the lower arms are bolted to the subframe. If the subframe can move a few mm's then so can the lower arms.
  6. Kipper

    Bride seat rail and side mount

    Buddyclub or Bride I'd say, Funkypower can get new bride rails at not a bad price. Buddyclub has a good amount of adjustment and fits most seats on the market.
  7. Kipper

    1320 Racing's civic drag build

    7yrs later! Looks great man, has it been mapped yet or not?
  8. Kipper

    Fuel Swirl Pot/Surge Tank (In tank pump) w/walbro

    Item for sale: Fluid Dynamics swirl pot Reputation: (Post a link to your reputation thread) Price: £220.00 delivered w/genuine walbro & AN-6 Lines Paypal: Yes or Bank transfer Location: Newcastle/Gateshead Condition: New (Ran car for 2mins) Description: Bought this for my racecar and done a...
  9. Kipper

    JDM Masters videos on Honda and Spoon list

    I've watched a bunch of them already, Great work :nice:
  10. Kipper


    No, 7j +42 is about the limit with a 195/205 tyre. Unless you want to roll and pull your rear arches to suit, front would even be a very tight squeeze on standard wings.
  11. Kipper

    Pillow ball/spherical rear camber arms

    Does anyone have anything before I look at buying new? Cheers Kris
  12. Kipper

    B16b Engine rebuild - advice

    +2 on re-mapping. I had my stock B18C re-mapped with usual breathing mods and 12bhp was pulled from it. The stock ECU's run real rich in VTEC and the 4k VTEC was a real benefit. I got mine mapped on crome just. My friends B16A with Type R cam's, IM and similar breathing mods made...
  13. Kipper

    98 spec RTA differences

    I don't believe there is any difference in fitment of RTA's between 94-01 DC2. However the later cars had some extra bracing around the RTA bush area. Have you had an alignment done on the car? This should easily point to any discrepancies. The position of the RTA bush in the arm could maybe...
  14. Kipper

    Donnington Park Track Day 21/6/2021

    Good to hear that this stuff still happens, Have 4-5 pals with Honda's at Croft on the 22nd of September, albeit no EK9's unfortunately. I'm racing at Donny this weekend in the EG, It is a lovely flowing circuit.
  15. Kipper

    New R81 EG6 (update page 2/3)

    Good work, car looks great! Some good preventative maintenance there too, how did you find the rack after adjustment?
  16. Kipper

    Intermittent won't start/turnover after race - Any ideas appreciated!

    Sounds like a sensible place to start :nice: Cheers
  17. Kipper

    Intermittent won't start/turnover after race - Any ideas appreciated!

    Bit of an odd one this on my B18C Racecar. Always start's perfectly when moving it around the shed and what not, never skips a beat, but after a race I switch the car off and it won't even turn over. The fuel pump primes but doesn't sound quite normal but the starter won't even try by the...
  18. Kipper

    Jasma rep or genuine? Help!!!

    Looks like a genuine 5zigen Pro-racer manifold to me! But you're right, I haven't saw that extra plaque before.
  19. Kipper

    B18C EK9 Build

    Looks unreal :nice: I really like the rear bumper, c west? But I think you need something like a Gymkhana front bumper to compliment it. So you've done the right thing there imo. Your pal's DC5 on the Type C looks great too!