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  1. _JT

    My new car and it ain't a Honda...

    But it is Japanese! It's a mk3 MX5! One of the cars on my car-bucket-list. I needed a new car and finally had the budget for a really nice one but not for a decent Type R. So I bought one (1.8), more or less the only really nice looking one. Had it checked by a garage. Engine went after a couple...
  2. _JT

    Not a Honda but what about a Yaris?

    Guys, seriously. It has been a long time ago since I have been excited about a car since the FD2R. And I never thought I would ever be excited about a Yaris. But have you guys seen this? Yaris GR - - 1.6 3 pot...
  3. _JT

    Spoon springs for DC2 - understeer?

    I have the option of getting some Spoon springs for my DC2. But when I take a look at the spring rate the rear springs are quite a bit less stiff. They are 15% less stiff. While the difference in numbers on the stock setup are very small. I am afraid of getting a more understeering DC2. Can...
  4. _JT

    Buying a turbo EK4

    I'm eyeballing a turbo EK4. I've driven the car in the passenger seat and it seemed to run very well besides being very fast (obviously). It's powered by XSPower parts on stock internals, uprated injectors + fuel pump and a custom tune on a chipped P28. I've been searching and found that their...
  5. _JT

    Civic R93-P front fender passenger side

    Looking for a front fender passenger side (lhd drivers side) in the color R93-P.
  6. _JT

    Prefacelift EK3 seats -> facelift EK4/Silverstone

    Last week I have changed my EK3 seats for facelift EK4 ones. Awesome! Great upgrade both in terms of looks (the interior of the car instantly looks 5 years younger) and comfort. The front seats are an easy swap. BUT it is NOT a 1 on 1 swap for the rear seats! The facelift EK4 rear seat doesn't...
  7. _JT

    EJ/EK steering racks

    So I've been trying to figure out what I can do to make the steering of my EK3 quicker. From everything that I've found I've concluded the following: 6th gen Civic Non-PS: 4:1 lock to lock PS: 3.6 lock to lock Civic VTI: 3.2 lock to lock Type R: 3.2 lock to lock with appearantly a smaller...
  8. _JT

    Change side of seats - plug and play?

    I want to change the sides of the seats (driver to passenger and other way around). Are the rails on both sides the same? Or would I have to change rails on the seats so the rails stay on the same side but the seats are changed? Is that possible?
  9. _JT

    EK3 VTEC-E vs Jazz MPG

    Driving an EK3 now as daily. I want to do some mods at least to make it a bit more pleasant to drive in (last 2 months I've driven 5000 miles in it with no aircon, sunroof or whatever). So I could look into investing some money into my EK3 as there is not much interesting within my budget...
  10. _JT

    Most difficult to install: ABS, aircon, airbag, VTEC wires

    I want to create my ultimate cheap daily :) After looking for alternatives I couldn't find any real alternative (Clio RS all have very high mileage here and Ibiza Cupra has high petrol consumption). So I guess it comes down to a Ferio. I want as mycg options as possible: aircon, sunroof, ABS...
  11. _JT

    Ultimate budget economical fun daily!

    What do you guys think is the ultimate budget economical fun daily? Looking into this as due to (positive) circumstances a Type R won't be in my reach for some time to come. So I am looking for a not too expensive daily that is or can easily be made fun to drive but is economical and driveable...
  12. _JT

    What is a Civic MB compared to a Civic EJ/EK?

    I really don't get the Civic MB. It's such a difference to the EJ/EK; interior, exterior, difference in selection of engines and from what I understand also in terms of handling. Why was the MB ever called a Civic? I mean, how weird would it be if a Ford Mondeo would also be called a...
  13. _JT

    Replacing part of loom concerning power windows

    Ok so one of my windows has stopped functioning and I discovered this is to blame on a faulty loom running to the door. So I thought of replacing the loom. I just took a look in the workplace manual and am I right when I think that the loom that connects to the door runs all the way to the...
  14. _JT

    Oil usage

    Looking for a Type R at the moment, what do you guys think of an oil usage of just under 1 liter every 10.000 miles? I know B18's can use a bit even thugh they're healthy but I find this to be a bit much. Or am I too demanding now?
  15. _JT

    How to remove pins from door jamb harness

    One of the wires on my door jamb harness has broken :( I need to remove the pin but I can't get it out. Google hasn't provided me with an adequate answer. I've tried poking around in the connector that's full of grease but nothing happened...Anyone please?
  16. _JT

    D-series gearbox with LSD

    I am looking for a d-series gearbox with LSD, wether it is the factory option or an aftermarket one. In order of ideal-ness: LSD gearbox with short 1/2/3/4 like D16z6 gearbox and long fifth gear from VTEC-E engine. LSD gearbox with short gears like D16z6 gearbox. LSD gearbox with VTEC-E...
  17. _JT

    Stock double DIN cnter console on which EJ/EK?

    I think everyone knows the facelift EK9 center console with double din opening. I have also seen this on a Civic in normal trim instead of faux-pas carbon. On which cars has this been a stock part? AFAIK EK9 in faux pas carbon and in black trim on a Ferio VI-RS (which means facelift). Any other...
  18. _JT

    2 day tour in Holland

    Tried this before but lack of interest back again: How would you guys like 2 tours divided in 2 days in the Netherlands? I would create 2 very nice roads with a lot of curves and a lot of green, some really nice surroundings. Of course the routes will be longer than 1 hour :D Would...
  19. _JT

    FT86/GT86/FRS/BRZ vs DC2/EK9

    I am really wondering how this car performs! Is there anyone who has had an extensive opportunity to test the car on how it performs on it's limits in bends and on the straight? I am sort of hoping that this is a RWD Type R....
  20. _JT

    Normal Ferio vs VI-RS

    I am researching making my own VI-RS since I want a LHD car as a daily. My ideal daily would be an aircon, sunroof Ferio VI-RS with some mods (eg LSD, shorter 1st/2nd/3rd/4th gear). I want to know which parts are exclusive for the VI-RS and which parts that are not on a stock Ferio can also be...