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    Wanted genuine civic ek radiator

    I need ek radiator must be genuine Honda and cores intect
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    Various OEM and Aftermarket B Series / EK9 parts for sale

    Hello Do you still have ek9 headlights, ek9 rear lip and rear hatch spoiler inc base plate. Red carpet Ek9 mats What have you
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    EK9 Rear Mats

    Pm sent
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    Mugen parts wanted for civic ek

    I am looking to buy following mugen genuine parts Mugen manifold Mugen back box and centre section Mugen cam cover genuine not fake Mugen body kit like one in picture Mugen alloy wheels Or what have you
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    Breaking big spec b18c6 ek4

    Civic ek9 rear lip Any other ek9 parts you may have
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    Breaking big spec b18c6 ek4

    Where are you based? Do you have contact number
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    Civic EK9 parts wanted

    Hello I am looking for ek parts such as full mugen twin loop exhaust Full mugen bumpers bodykit Ek9 mats complete EK9 carpet or what have you
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    JDM 98 spec DC2 CW

    hello would you swap cut out rear upper strut covers with uncut cover, I have oem rear strut brace to fit
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    Windscreen replacement

    Try ebay and integra dc2 forum plenty of breakers
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    Civic ek mugen bodykit kit wanted

    looking for mugen bodykit for ek civic as per picture
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    Civic ek9 wanted

    Genuinely looking to buy ek9 must be clean but may consider one that need tlc.
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    Windscreen replacement

    is it uk or jdm dc2
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    FD2/EVO 8/R32 GTR

    What did you buy fd2 or evo
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    Please post pictures of parts
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    EK Breaking

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    --FOUND-- OEM EK9 Pedals

    What is price for new set
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    Matt's 512bhp EK9 project

    i'll get a copy in morning
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    Matt's 512bhp EK9 project

    which magazine?