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  1. Adamek3

    Ek3 trailing arm

    Guys, got my ek3 in for some work and it needs a trailing arm replaced. The garage can’t find one for sale does anyone know where I could find one or a breaker who might have one?
  2. Adamek3

    Identification help plz

    These were in the boot if my ek3 when I purchased it few weeks ago. Previous owner said she was given them but never fitted them. I've only pictured one but all 4 are the same. There are no brand marking on any of the springs or collars. Does anyone recognise them? Many thanks
  3. Adamek3


    Hi guys. Recently picked up my first ek. It's the ek3 on 67k. Previous owner has had it re sprayed ford artic white why not Honda white I have no idea. I'm not sure but I think they also have put different bumpers and skirt on it? Can anyone confirm for me? So far loving the car got a long...
  4. Adamek3

    Slave cylinder replacement

    My slave cylinder has decided to let go on my 96 ek3 1.5. I was fitting my replacement today but I cannot for the life of me get the hardline off. I've tried wd and freeze spray to try and release the threaded screw that goes into it but it won't budge. The section of hardline coming from the...