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  1. denward

    Colour Code B16B Rocker Cover

    Hi all Does anyone know what the OEM colour code is for the red B16B rocker cover? Mine is after getting pretty tatty over the years and would like to get it powder coated back to life. Thanks Denis
  2. denward

    What Intake

    Hi All I’m after buying a standard ek9. I’m looking to start some small mods for the time being starting with intake and exhaust. What’s the best way to go re intake? Is there any benefit of sticking to the standard air box with some modification? If so, what would you think? Also, re the...
  3. denward

    OEM Side Sticker Product Code

    Hi All Does anyone know the OEM Honda product code for the ek9 side decal for the passenger side? Thanks Denis
  4. denward

    Buying an Ek9

  5. denward

    Buying an Ek9

    Hi all It’s been quite a while since I have bought / owned an ek9 and am currently looking at buying one again. Could you please give me a few hints and tips as to what to look out for cosmetically and otherwise ? I’m sure a few have had a hard life. Cheers Denis
  6. denward

    VSM Ek9 update page 6

    Ya I did
  7. denward

    VSM Ek9 update page 6

    This is my old one Great car ...I've been keeping an eye on it. Nearly 5 years ago now!!
  8. denward

    EP3 JDM vs UKDM differences

    Jason and Joe thanks for the help.
  9. denward

    EP3 JDM vs UKDM differences

    Hi Lads Have been posting in quite a while. Could anyone please give me a full list of differences between the ukdm and jdm ep3's ? LSD, Gearing Ratios, Cosmetics................ Any help appreciated Cheers
  10. denward

    TE37's Refurb! looks well in them
  11. denward

    Honda Tuning Civic Type R!!! Mine :P

    very nice congrats
  12. denward

    Danielson's EK9 :D

    nice...wheels look well...iv actually neveer seen one with window rollers
  13. denward

    looking to swap in ireland

    wow very low mileage...ull do well to find another civic with that id say
  14. denward

    Some German Hondas (Fd2, FN2, EP3, EK9 inside)

    very like to be an owner of an fd in a few yrs....ill let them come down in price first tho!
  15. denward

    Sat Nav disaster

    Saw this on Yahoo ...just thought it might be funny to post up. Dont always trust yours!!!:lol::lol: Satnav Blunder: This Asda Be The Wrong Way! - Yahoo! News UK
  16. denward

    Opinion Needed on wheels....

    your car looks great the way it is would you not consider the original wheels with maybe a time attack twist...spraying the lip red...think that would look hot. i had silvwe mf10s on my silver ek9...found it was a nice change to put the standard cw enkei's on from time to time
  17. denward

    the difference about an original civic type r ek9 and a replica one??????

    haha...noticed that too!! the differences are endless. driving both helps to tell the difference:nice:
  18. denward

    What you don't like about your ek9?

    windows too!!!
  19. denward

    My Black UKDM Integra Type R

    those wheels look great looking forward to seeing them on the car
  20. denward

    Freshly refurbed 15" ITR CW Wheels New Tires!

    leave them on looks well