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  1. Kipper

    Honda Civic EG6 SiR 2 - JDM - Build / Project / Restoration

    Refreshing to see bare bones build like this with genuine parts, Shame it got neglected for so long, don't understand how anyone could!
  2. Kipper

    15” 5x114.3 at least 7J

    Anyone have a set or pair of wheels for sale? For a race car, so don’t have to be mint as such. Ideally after something made in Japan. Cheers Kris
  3. Kipper

    2002 JDM EP3 - Gathering interest

  4. Kipper

    K20A/A2 Timing Chain Kit OEM Honda

  5. Kipper

    K20A/A2 Timing Chain Kit OEM Honda

    Item for sale: EP3/DC5 Timing chain kit Reputation: Price: £220.00 + Postage & Paypal fee's if required Paypal: Yes Location: Newcastle Upon Tyne Condition: Brand new in bags Description: Bought this from Cox Motorparts for my previous first...
  6. Kipper

    Anyone tried these low price aftermarket parts?

    And plus how many people are actually buying things like these for EK's these days? Will be a lot of New, Unsold stock out there too I'll bet. Personally, I would stick to something like Febi Bilstein or Blueprint when it comes to motorfactor parts.
  7. Kipper

    2002 JDM EP3 - Gathering interest

    Item for sale: 2002 JDM EP3 Reputation: Price: Message for guide Paypal: Cash on collection Location: Newcastle Upon Tyne Condition: 129k km's c. 79k miles, 2017 Grade 4B import, Mechanically fantastic and well cared for. Description: Mugen...
  8. Kipper

    Looking for help

    The seat rails will need cut off the seats, Only the recaro seats unbolt.
  9. Kipper

    Identify B-Series Gearbox

    No embossed codes anywhere, UK B16A2 came with a 4.2FD and the B16A's came with a 4.4FD. What is the engine and box out of? Del sol or something?
  10. Kipper

    @carguydiaries Member on here?

    Recently came across the YouTube channel and noticed some stickers. Member on here? Car looks like it's doing really well and seems well put together, Keep the content coming :nice:
  11. Kipper

    Spoon n1

    Fairly loud. If you like your car to be relatively quiet day-to-day but have a sporty tone when going for a blast this probably isn't for you. You'd be lucky to get on a 95db Trackday with one as well. But if you can put up with some volume (Won't use the term noise because they sound really...
  12. Kipper

    Recaro SPG XL

    All, After a Recaro SPG XL, Would consider a HANS XL or Pro Racer XL used as well. Cheers Kris
  13. Kipper

    Recaro Pole Position FIA 2023

  14. Kipper

    Recaro Pole Position FIA 2023

    Item for sale: Recaro Pole Position FIA Reputation: Price: £500.00 Paypal: Yes, Cash on collection or Bank Transfer Location: Newcastle Upon Tyne Condition: Bought new in 2018, Mint Description: Recaro PP, FIA size in fantastic condition, Have...
  15. Kipper

    Blocked PCV and new catch can

    Yeh fair point about keeping it near original, An EG6 is a rare car these days!
  16. Kipper

    My new 2000 ek4 sir 2 jdm import

    Very nice man, rare car! Love the SiR's myself The Y56 one in my avatar is the one I sold to Dave Murphy.
  17. Kipper

    Blocked PCV and new catch can

    I have removed the PCV completely on my B18C EG Racecar and just vent from the rear of the block (Black canister/breather box) to a catch can instead of PCV meaning the engine is breathing naturally rather than being under vacuum to recirculate the oily gas vapour back in to the IM. I didn't...
  18. Kipper

    Blocked PCV and new catch can

    You shouldn't run a pipe straight from PCV because for the PCV to open or operate correctly it needs a vacuum from the Inlet manifold. This method means you will be venting in to atmosphere. 1) Remove PCV (Pipe should run from a black breather box at rear of block to bottom of PCV and from PCV...
  19. Kipper

    EP3 Calipers on 5stud hubs (EK9/DC2)

    Cheers for input, but seems more of a mission on 5stud EK9/DC2 and will share my research: +EP3 calipers will bolt on, but it seems the hub will need milled down where the caliper mounts. 2-3mm maybe? +Discs - EP3 discs will need the CB increased from 64.1mm - 70mm +Caliper shaved on front...
  20. Kipper

    EP3 Calipers on 5stud hubs (EK9/DC2)

    Thanks for advice guys, sounds like it’ll not be a bad job if I can get some wheels to fit.