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  1. Vti-s chris

    k20 vti-s mb6

    I used a dc2 one if I remember correctly. But it requires work to make it fit.
  2. Vti-s chris

    K20a mb6

    I've no time or money for the car atm house and two kids take care of that. I could get more pictures for anyone who's genuinely interested.
  3. Vti-s chris

    K20a mb6

    I'm looking to part with my project for the last few years, I've spent thousands and put in many hours to this car. With work and my kids I just don't have the time for it anymore. I just can't bring myself to break the car so I would like to sell on in one piece. Im looking for £6000 ovno Here...
  4. Vti-s chris

    who does recaro upholstery in northern ireland???

    Look at capital seating they might have what you need
  5. Vti-s chris

    Mitsubishi Evo 7/8

    Heard 7's are rust buckets very prone to rust. evo's are nice but big rent to buy,maintain and run.
  6. Vti-s chris

    Strange cooling problem...

    I would try a 1.3 rad cap and see if it helps.
  7. Vti-s chris

    Rotrex K20 EF Civic Track Build

    :drool: Looks great!
  8. Vti-s chris

    Buddyclub N+ settings

    Can you not measure your passenger side spring?
  9. Vti-s chris

    my teal eg hatch

    Looks well mate really clean :drool:
  10. Vti-s chris

    K-Swap EK9 Insurance Value

    8-9 k is what I would insure it for. Doesn't matter if you haven't seen one sell for that or not, it's the value you place on your car. I have my mb6 k20a insured for 8k
  11. Vti-s chris

    Civic Jordan #228 (B18C track build)

    That dragonball is class:beer:
  12. Vti-s chris

    K-Swap EK9 Insurance Value

    Doesn't really matter that much but I would say 8-9k
  13. Vti-s chris

    carbon products. opinions

    X2 on delete tray
  14. Vti-s chris

    carbon products. opinions

    Carbon fibre is used in high end cars and in aviation so people saying it's not strong is a load of sh#t tbh. If made correctly it's stronger than steel.
  15. Vti-s chris

    99 dc2 type r rebuild/restoration

    Good buy any pics?
  16. Vti-s chris

    Car mappers in Northern Ireland

    Is it for an evo? What about ai motorsports or momentum? Never heard of elite.
  17. Vti-s chris

    AN fittings vs Hose Barb

    The push fit ones don't need a clip, I used them on my fuel system. They are good but really hard to push on. Never used an so can't compare.
  18. Vti-s chris

    Trailing Arm Bushing Thoughts

    The blueprint rta are a good shout about bit stiffer than OEM but had to beat for the price
  19. Vti-s chris

    3" intake pipe

    I just bought a 3" 76mm pipe with a 45 already bent from eBay