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    bought some B16B Valve Springs and Retainers, very fast shipping, extremely good packaging ! really good seller !
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    Yellow honda civic type-r (ek9) (1999)

    I've sent you a PM :)
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    Jap EG9 braking

    you have a PM ;)
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    Bushell's EM1

    Nice EM1 you got there :D I recently bought an EBP EM1 and started on it myself, really like the colour and the wheels match the car perfectly :) looks so much better with the USDM rear lights and the despoilered boot. What exhaust is that ? for a dc2 ? Don't think they make them for EK...
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    Odometer conversion MPH/KPH

    Thanks ! that's the answer I was hoping to get :D
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    Odometer conversion MPH/KPH

    does the odometer count in miles aswell ? :) or does that still count in km ?
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    Odometer conversion MPH/KPH

    Nah, I live in Belgium :D I imported a ukspec em1 vti coupe because they were only sold in the us, canada and the uk. :) So now I want to convert mph to kph and I know that if I just change the cluster to a jdm orveuropean one thatwould fix my speed readings, well at least I think so.. but...
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    How to connect ELM327 Mini to 1998 EK4 Civic VTI

    You should look on the other side, it should be near your center console, probably in the passenger side footwell on the right side.. there should be this larger brown/beige or grey connector where you can plug it in to :) I see you are from Turkey, so you probably have a Left Hand Drive EK4 ...
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    Odometer conversion MPH/KPH

    Hi, I know this has been posted a couple times and I've searched my ass off.. but all I can find is about converting from KPH to MPH.. now I am trying to find a way to convert my UK bought car from MPH to KPH. I was thinking about just taking the cluster out and replacing it with either...
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    VTec Performance Feedback

    bought ek9 cupholders, mint condition fast shipping and was very good packed really can recommend buying here !
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    Vtec performance!!random honda goodies part 1!23-10-13

    Interested in cupholders, how much in Euro including shipping to Belgium ? please pm :) cheers
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    BREAKING - 3x Honda Integra Dc2 Type R JDM 96 SPEC

    any aftermarket catback ? please pm brand/type and price Thanks !
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    Tanabe Super Medalion Racing Re-Packable Cat Back System

    I'd be interested for my Civic Sedan.. If you are willing to ship overseas ? and quote me a price shipped to Belgium :) (you can PM if you want)
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    Recaros,centre console, spoon dampers, jpr anti roll bar

    still have seats ? are that EK rails or DC2 rails ? and how much posted to belgium ?
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    Updated!!black itr-dc2 recaros!AMAZING QUALITY!!!

    Hi, how much for a set of Black DC5's shipped to Belgium ? and how much for a set of Black DC2's shipped to belgium ? I'm still doubting between both.. :p cheers m8 !
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    Nightclubs & Restaurants in Swindon ?

    Hi, So me and a couple of friends, are going to Japfest this weekend :nice::drive: and we are staying in a hotel in Swindon, now seeing as Japfest is only on saturday and we're staying the whole weekend, we are looking to go out clubbing and have a night out in England that we'll never...
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    apexi neo

    yhpm :)
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    Breaking CW supercharged ek9-lots of aftermarket and ek9 parts

    those recaro mats, are that the oem EK9 type-R mats ? or is it something else from Recaro ? :p
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    New member from Japan

    welcome :D you could make some serious money here xD
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    Breaking CW supercharged ek9-lots of aftermarket and ek9 parts

    Well ek9 lights have holes in the lower section of the lights and have those mirrors inside cuz ek9 light up upper and lower.. normal ek lights from europe only have.that on 1 side for.the fog light was the hole pre drilled ? and does it have the mirrors inside ?