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    O2 sensor

    As above, need one of these. Doesn't have to be new as long as it works.
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    Sunday Oxegen tickets wanted

    As above, please pm me :nice:
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    O2 sensor problem

    Right lads, my engine check light came on over the Christmas because I hadn't started it in days during the snow. I put two pins (snipped paper clip!) into a block connector in the ECU and got a code from the lights in the cluster flashing. I looked up the codes and it turned out to be my O2...
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    Facelift VSM flushed bumper

    Any pics out there? Thinking about getting this done!
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    Tweeter loom

    Have the tweeters so just need the loom for them. Please pm me if you have a pair for sale! Cheers :nice:
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    EK9 O2 sensor

    As above lads, cold weather wrecked the other one!
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    Fitting speaker tweets?

    Lads, Got a set of speaker tweets from an Rx model, (mine is not Rx), and there is a block connector on them. Should there be a connector socket to fit the tweet into behind my door card? Or would my car not have one because it's an earlier model? Don't really want to cut the wires to...
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    Anyone ever used ll Welcome! ll Nokya, PIAA and Sylvania Bulbs - Mustang Decals - Bosch Wiper Blades - AVS Blackout Covers - License Plates - Key Chains What’s up folks, I’m trying to order something from this place but they won't reply to my emails. I read some reviews on the web, some...
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    ExtremeStyling email address?

    Has anyone got an email address for these? There's none on their website...cheers
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    :lol: Honda Civic Pink Playboy (Bmw colt glanza celica ford 206 Integra Saxo Golf turbo Wicklow Dublin used cars for sale :lol:
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    How much brake fluid??

    Right lads I'm going to be upgrading my OEM brake lines for braided ones :) How much new fluid would I need if I completely drain the existing fluid and would this be ok to do so?
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    Carbon finish wipers

    Anyone know where or who makes/ sells wipers with the carbon finish? PIAA have discontinued these now and I can't seem to find any other souce on the web or ebay! :angry2: Cheers guys :nice:
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    EK9 Facelift Front Bumper - Silver

    Hi folks, as above. Would prefer silver but if there's a mint one out there in a different colour let me know. Need front lip aswel. Cheers :nice:
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    Any EK9's breaking near Dublin??

    Need a few bits and can't find an EK9 for breaking in Dublin on any other sites. Cheers lads :nice:
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    Wiper Arms - Matt or Satin??

    Like every other Honda, my wiper arms are rusted. Want to respray them now but not sure which type of black spray to get. Help :please: Thanks in advance
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    *HELP* Mirror Wiring

    Folks need some help here! The electrics in my car were working perfect before i got an alarm fitted. The problem isin't the alarm but i got the mirror wirring connected to it so when i pressed the alarm key, they would fold in (bad move)! The mirrors worked fine with the alarm to be...