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  1. Goodsport

    Goodsport's Jazz Si Build

    Figured it would be good (Hopefully ok, delete if not) to chuck the daily's build thread on here too. I started this over on Fit4track but didn't get around to updating it much. Here's my 2013 Honda Jazz Si. I'd always loved this shape Jazz and I knew how great they were as daily drivers, so...
  2. Goodsport

    Integra One Make Series

    Over the last few years I've been collating various photos/videos and information on the multiple One Make series that Honda ran, primarily the Civic Cup but also some Integra Cup bits. Below is a bit of grounding on the series and some photos/video's of the races, as I find more I'll update the...
  3. Goodsport

    Goodsport's EK9 Build

    So this has been at least 12 years in the making, the dream for an EK9 has always been strong. Originally fueled by Gran Turismo and then Racing/Kanjo culture in general. It never really timed right for me to be able to grab one so I'd sort of resigned to it never happening. I had always known...
  4. Goodsport

    New member here!

    Hey all, great to finally be posting on here. I think i've been lurking on for about 12 years or so. Always dreamed of an EK9 one day (Finally happening!) I'm Tom and I'm a designer by trade and photographer for fun. Loved cars all my life and they've played a key part in my life for...