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    Clutch recommendations

    What clutch would people recommend for a B18c around 350hp, I know torque is usually the limiting factor but not entirely sure what it'll make Want something that can handle the increase but isn't going to be like an on/off switch and make the thing awful to drive
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    Parts wanted

    Hondata S300 preferably OBD1 Aftermarket high capacity injectors, probably need 750cc+ obd1 compatible again 4.4 LSD or bits to convert my 4.78fd to 4.4 3 bar map sensor Uprated clutch capable of 350+hp
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    Rotrex, Hondata, clutch

    Collecting bits for a b18c rotrex build, would be interested in any of the following C30-94 rotrex Hondata S300 ECU OBD1 Good stage 2/3 clutch - New only, just thought someone may have one from an abandoned project or something
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    Been thinking of experimenting with fitting a rotrex.. but don't want a full kit like the kraftwerks etc. Will be making my own mounts as it's a B18c6 in a kit car... probably a long shot but if anyone's got one from an abandoned project or whatever let me know. May be interested in a S300 too...
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    For some reason I can't get the idea out of my head of getting a B20 block, some nice forged pistons and my B18C6 type R internals, head etc to make a B19. I know there have been mixed findings with B20 reliability, particularly the sleeves however if I understand rightly this is more of an...
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    NA Mild Tuning

    I don't really want to go mad tuning my engine and lose reliability, but wondering what I can do without getting too involved My engine (B18C6) is in good health having done about 500 miles since I rebuilt it last year. Has a PLM big tube 4-2-1 with 2.5 system straight through, decat and...
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    Chip burning help & Moates 2timer

    Anyone here using a 2timer? I just got one from Htune and it doesn't seem to work. Htune stacked the maps and burned the chip too and they are adamant they burned it correctly so I've asked them to send me another 2timer to try. There were two maps, one had launch and the other didn't so it's...
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    What intake - B18C-R non std application..

    Hi guys, some of you may have already seen my car on the forum.. I have the Kevlar whale c*ck set up which seemed a good way of getting the filter away from the silencer which sits directly under the intake manifold, however, wherever you put the filter it's a bad place really - I've even...
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    Throttle body taper boring

    Is there anyone here/anyone know someone who can taper bore a B18c type R throttle body same as the spoon ones? So not opening out the throat / changing butterfly size just taper boring the inlet side to 70mm down to the standard size. I do know someone who could do it but I'm not sure...
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    Block sleeving in UK

    Hi all Who can install darton block sleeves in the UK?
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    What engine mount is this??

    Hi all For anyone who hasn't seen my thread the car is a GTM Libra kit car so it's hard work figuring out what bits came from where... The original engine was b16a2 and I've used the mounts and all the ancillaries to fit a type R b18c I want to buy an uprated cam belt side upper engine mount...
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    OBD1 Chips in UK

    Just wondering if anyone knows who can make me a chip for my OBD1 P30, or if anyone on here can? I appreciate that the ideal is getting the car custom mapped but it does run very well - albeit a bit rich - plugs and tail pipe sooty I have a B18C6 UK basemap chip in the P30 ecu currently and...
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    Not charging

    Got car running, only seeing 12v though at the battery so it's not charging. Was fine before and as far as I'm aware I've put everything back as it was. Plugged the alternator in and the earth lead from the alternator I've put to the gearbox where my main earth from the battery is, seem OK??
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    Fuel but no spark???

    Finally come round to trying it and it just won't run. Plugs are wet, no spark. Tried the standard leads and MSD ones no difference. Plugs are ok. Dizzy was fine when I removed the head from the b16a2 .... Everything's timed up ok etc. Not sure what could cause lack of spark on these engines...
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    Thermal gasket seal?

    One of those nylon type thermal gaskets came with my throttle body, does it need hondabond or does it compress slightly to seal?
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    OBD1 Loom

    Just thinking, now I've got my rebuilt b18c6 waiting to go in I need to fit the OBD1 loom to it in the next few days.. All the sensors on the head are off my old B16a2, using my obd1 injector rail and injectors etc so not really expecting to have any issues but am I likely to run into any...
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    Whale Schlong Intake Rubber

    Anyone know off the top of their head what size the reducer is from dc2 TB to the whale intake. Mine came to me less the rubber but either way I need an elbow reducer not straight. I think it's the tegiwa one, carbon/Kevlar. I measured the bloody thing up ages ago but not confident about the...
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    Timing help please!

    Crank is at TDC so lining cams up. The marks seem to meet and the up marks are, well, up, but I kinda thought they would be more vertical if you know what I mean??? Can someone take a look at the pic. Wanna get the belt thrown on On another note after snapping 2 cam carrier bolts at 10ftlb...
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    Steam seal tool??

    Had a nightmare at the weekend trying to remove the stem seals, was using a tool like this that my dad has used for years but f**k me, they would not budge!! I think the problem is that this tool just clamps around them so if anything can crush the seals on the guides tighter, it doesn't...
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    Argh bearing clearances

    Right I got home tonight and thought I'd start doing the plastigauge sanity check Started with the rods and didn't get very far... The bearings are ACL race (std size) which from what I gathered were supposed to be fairly loose if anything The plastigauge I'm using is the green type which as...