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    Lamda sensor removal

    It's much easier if you take the manifold off. Had to do it myself!
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    O2 sensor

    As above, need one of these. Doesn't have to be new as long as it works.
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    Sunday Oxegen tickets wanted

    As above, please pm me :nice:
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    *MINT* Volks TE37 16" 4x100

    Off topic I know but any chance you could post a pic looking at the front of your car? I have a VSM facelift and am thinking of flushing the bumper and fitting fogs like yours!! :nice: Cheers man
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    Carbon lips, skunk2, recaros, cams, honda data, ek9 cupholders!!!!!!

    Do you have a facelift VSM for breaking? Also how much for a set of fog lights?
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    foglights and wind deflectors

    Do Honda sell genuine foglights? Also anyone know if they are available in clear glass? Cheers :nice:
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    Crashed Jordan For Breaking

    Would there be a tweeter loom behind the door cards to fit an EK9?
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    EK4 / EK9 silicone hose

    Any pics?
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    O2 sensor problem

    Where abouts is the 15 amp fuse? Fuse box under dash or bonnet?
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    EK3/9 owners - Cambs

    Some work put into the 180 :wow: The civic looks really clean, keep us up to date with the mods :nice:
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    Removing coin tray and driver's side vent

    Don't know how to remove the vent but take off the dash end piece to the right. This should help. If not try asking Livvy on here, there's one for sale on her site so I'd say she would be able to help :)
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    O2 sensor problem

    The sensor wasn't from an ek9, came out of an ek4 but the fittings are the exact same. The overall length is slightly longer than the original sensor...
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    Facelift VSM flushed bumper

    Someone must have a few pics of this!
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    O2 sensor problem

    Will give this a shot so, hope it works.
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    NEWBIE from okie!

    :welcome: dude
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    O2 sensor problem

    How do I reset it? I removed the negative lead form the battery but no joy. I'll try the bonnet fuse box tomorrow. Cheers for replying
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    O2 sensor problem

    Right lads, my engine check light came on over the Christmas because I hadn't started it in days during the snow. I put two pins (snipped paper clip!) into a block connector in the ECU and got a code from the lights in the cluster flashing. I looked up the codes and it turned out to be my O2...
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    Facelift VSM flushed bumper

    Any pics out there? Thinking about getting this done!
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    Tweeter loom

    Bump for the evening readers!