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    Odometer conversion MPH/KPH

    Hi, I know this has been posted a couple times and I've searched my ass off.. but all I can find is about converting from KPH to MPH.. now I am trying to find a way to convert my UK bought car from MPH to KPH. I was thinking about just taking the cluster out and replacing it with either...
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    Nightclubs & Restaurants in Swindon ?

    Hi, So me and a couple of friends, are going to Japfest this weekend :nice::drive: and we are staying in a hotel in Swindon, now seeing as Japfest is only on saturday and we're staying the whole weekend, we are looking to go out clubbing and have a night out in England that we'll never...
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    ek9 c/w wheels center caps

    you know those white center caps with the red H's in, for the oem EK9 wheels.. mine were stolen while shipping from japan to belgium :( some chap must have taken them off at the harbor or something :( so looking to buy some :) need 4 :D
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    Hi, new kid on the block :p

    Hi, i'm Micah, 19 from belgium and already have a honda history :p I used to have a Honda Civic Coupé EM2 1.7i I-VTEC 125bhp with an invidia gt300 catback, megan racing testpipe (never getting megan again) and STRUP header, and an Injen Cold Air Intake. recently sold that so I'm now...
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    EK9 pre-facelift dash question..

    I've just bought a decent 4.5 grade pre-facelift EK9 with low mileage, cuz I couldnt find a facelift in this condition.. now I want to facelift the car myself im gonna get a facelift front bumper, facelift front fenders, and a carbon hood OEM style Facelift and some headlights facelift.. that's...