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    Ek9 Exhaust

    Hi, Mid pipe and backbox needed. Anyone? Thanks
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    Rota slipstream alloys

    Looking for some Rota slipsstream in 16' or 15' and 4x100 PCD. ET must be 35+. Want to fit these on my EJ9. Thanks guys.
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    Wellington Place Leeds - DC2 CW Carbon spoiler.

    Parked in Wellington place car park. Anyone here?
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    P30 ECU + keys + Blackbox (Steering column shroud)

    Need this for my B18C engine swap. Not having any luck whatsoever with the JDM P73 :(
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    Cold start - Revs not dropping after car warms up

    Hi guys, When I start my car in the morning when it is cold the car will rev at around the 1.5 mark which is fine because the engine is cold. However, when the car warms up and the temperature needle reaches the half way mark, the revs refuse to drop which is what all cars should do. I've left...
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    Headlight issue - High beam works but not full beam

    Hi guys. Headlights used to work fine but now i have a rather weird problem. High beams work fine and so do low beams. But when using low beam only one side is illuminated (left side from cockpit). On high beams both sides are illuminated. So I've ruled out a bulb change... since both are...
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    Issues with B18CR swap.

    Hi, I have a few issues with my swap and looking for some advice. 1. There seems to be an oil leak from the crankshaft oil seal which drools all the way down to the sump pan and then hits the tarmac. I have been meaning to change the seal for quite some time but I've been amazed that my oil...
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    Evo 8 Recaros into EJ9

    Hi there, Attempting to fit some Evo 7/8 Recaros into my EJ9. I have some Ek9 rails since I was told it would be a straight bolt on job. However, this doesn't seem to be the case :( The seats looks like this: (Please see attached files) Anyone else tried fitting these in? The mounting holes...
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    B18C6 - Oil Leak

    Hi, I can see droplets of oil under my sump. I tried to trace the oil and it seems to be coming from the sump nut. I have a blue colored sump nut which i highly doubt is an original part? My question is, does the sump nut come with a washer? If so, could it be a faulty washer? Thanks.
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    DC5 floor mats into an EK Civic

    Hi Guys, Will DC5 floor mats fit into my EK Civic? Or are they too big? Thanks
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    Will an EK9 subframe fit into an EJ9?

    Hi all, I've got a B18C EJ9 and was wondering if fitting an ek9 subframe is a straight bolt on job? The EJ9 is a pre-facelift model. The only reason why i'm looking to this is because I've found an EK9 steering rack to fit my car but it's being sold with the subframe. Any help would be much...