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  1. Do1313R

    WTB: used Spoon Twin-Block calipers shipped to US

    Hello all, I'm looking for a used set of Spoon Twin-Blocks. Would prefer them to be faded and need a new finish/ rough shape is what im looking for... The cheaper the better! They have to be shipped to the US. Not looking for pads or rotors. Thanks,
  2. Do1313R

    EK and FK8 Canyon Run

    MY B18C5 swapped EK and my homies FK8 in some SoCal Canyons....
  3. Do1313R

    Dobler's eK Build

    Hey guy’s, So I thought I’d share my build. I am from Southern California, and picked up this 2000 Civic DX Hatch Back in December of 2017. I picked it up from the 2nd owner and it was 100% stock. I had a lot of the parts used from my EM1, and from past EM1’s and Integras I’ve built. Here’s...
  4. Do1313R

    WTB::: EK/ DC Honda Access Roof Console / Sunglasses holder (Ship to CA)

    Like the subject says. Looking for a new or used is clean. Mainly looking for the single holder however will take The large on if it’s a good deal. I’m located in California so must be willing to ship. Feel free to PM me photos and a price or post them here. Thanks!