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  1. Pete180

    2x 215/45/16 Hankook Tyres

    Item: 2x Hankook Ventus Prime 3 tyres 215/45/16 Price: £100 Condition: 10/10 Description: Pair of basically brand new tyres that I don't need, sat in the garage taking space, these didn't fit my car well enough to keep so need rid. Any use to anyone? Need them gone really Location: Surrey...
  2. Pete180

    BC BR Coilovers 96-00 EJ/EK Civic

    Item: BC BR Coilovers for EJ/EK/EM fitment Price: £350 Condition: 7/10 Description: Set of BC BR coilovers in fairly good condition removed from a civic coupe, served me well for years with no issues. Decent set of suspension for the road, drove nicely on them and can drop the car a decent...
  3. Pete180

    Carbon bonnet facelift 99-00

    Just wondering if anyone has or seen a good condition facelift carbon bonnet for EK/EM. Seibon etc Preferably bonnet pin holes or vents. Thanks
  4. Pete180

    Anyone interested in having another meet?

    We had a small meet towards the end of last year, just wondered if anyone would be interested in another meet? For members and friends only (Invite-only) so we don't get too many idiots etc, keep it low key as don't want bad attention :) I know a few have already have spoken to me about...
  5. Pete180

    Anyone interested in a small meet?

    Just thought I'd ask if anyone would be interested in organising a meet up someday. Seems that meets are a thing of the past these days lol I remember having 1 for few local Civiclife members before the forum died. Know a few folk on here but still haven't met so would be good to put a face to...
  6. Pete180

    Bodyshop recommendations??

    Just wondering if anyone can recommend some good bodyshops out there preferably within the Midlands area. Looking at getting some rusty arches, sills etc done. Cheers!
  7. Pete180

    EK 96-00 Coilovers

    Just posting for a friend seeing if there's any decent condition coilovers out there for ek fitment Thanks :)
  8. Pete180

    Anyone needing mapping?

    Finally looking at getting in another tuning session early August with Romain or JCal tuning, hoping for the location to be at Roger Clark Motorsport in the Midlands. Been after a spot for a longgg time now after my last session didn't exactly go to plan :( Looking at getting other cars to join...
  9. Pete180

    OEM Honda Fuel cap holders

    Item: OEM Honda fuel cap holder Quantity: 3 available Price: £14.99 each Description: Genuine Honda holders for your fuel cap to slot in to that stick on the inside of the fuel door. These do not come with tape, but I advise using strong heavy duty double sided 3M or Gorilla tape. Comes in handy...
  10. Pete180

    Engine crane hire?

    Just wondered if anyone had an engine crane to lend out at all in the Midlands area? Seeming oddly difficult to find 1. Most local places not having 1 at all, or just not available and pushing dates back over n over. HSS wanting £75 a day + £190 deposit which isn't happening. Thanks in advance :)
  11. Pete180

    Anyone got 1 of these unneeded?

    Not really a highly sought after item but wondered if anyone had a bonnet fabric insulator thing unneeded? Accidentally tore mine and just looking for an oem look. For EK Civic. If anyone has 1 pm me thanks :)
  12. Pete180

    EK9 Power folding mirrors

    Just seeing if there's any ek9 power folding mirrors out there? Pm me thanks!
  13. Pete180

    EJ EK OEM Black Drivers Door Mirror

    After an oem black drivers side manual adjusting mirror for en EJ9 If anyone has 1 spare sitting around, let me know thanks! :)
  14. Pete180

    Clutch alignment tool

    Anyone got a clutch alignment tool to fit an exedy clutch I could borrow? Looking to refit my clutch preferably doing it properly with the tool but don't have one and it's not exactly something you use often Just asking thanks :)
  15. Pete180

    Ferodo DS2500 Fitment issue Help

    Hi guys Trying to fit Ferodo ds2500 pads into my ek4 262mm front brakes but they just seem too wide? The location tabs/bits that slide into the metal clips are just too big Are they meant to be grinded down or something? Thanks
  16. Pete180

    B18 Crankshaft

    Just seeing what good condition B18 cranks out there, PM me thanks!
  17. Pete180


    Item: B-series Engine Mounts B16/B18/B20 Price: £20- 40 each or can do a deal Condition: 8/10 Location: W.Midlands Description: Have various good condition b-series engine mounts sat unneeded, enough to make a full 3-piece set and more. Rear mount, Gearbox mount, Cambelt side post to chassis...
  18. Pete180

    Tegiwa roll centre adjusters/lower ball joints

    Just wondered if anyone had any experience with tegiwas roll centre adjusters? Looking at possibly changing my lower ball joints Cheers
  19. Pete180

    B18 Fan switch

    Anyone got a spare b series fan switch laying around? Accidentally dropped a tool down the back and it smashed the plug. Thanks!
  20. Pete180

    Worn clutch or?

    Hey guys, Finding that it's getting harder to put the car into 1st gear when at a complete stop. Sometimes it's fine no problem but then other times I have to knock it back to neutral, clutch up and try again. It's like there's a wall there sometimes and it just won't go into gear at all. The...