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    Tb changed high idle help !!!

    Changed the standard throttle body on my b18c for a skunk2 one larger diameter of 70mm from a 62mm , now it's sitting on high idle at around 2000rpm to 2500rpm and ideas ? Change back to a standard throttle body ? Or get it remap the ecu ??
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    Dc2 throttle body ,tps, map sensor needed

    Need a dc2 throttle body and tps and map sensor have put in after market parts and is running at 3500 rpm on idle , so any one got any suggestion or parts be gratefully appreciated :)
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    Moving ek9 from Ireland to England

    I'm moving my ek9 with me from Ireland to England , it's on Irish plates anyone know of a uk insurance company cover me on Irish plates whileI get the plates changed over to uk ones ??